Sitelink extensions are used to add additional links to your advertising.  When someone clicks or taps on your links, they are sent straight to the information or products they are looking for. Best SMO Company in Delhi knows how sitelinks extensions function and work on your website.

Sitelinks are essential for the following reasons:

  1. Click-through Rates

Sitelinks are particularly effective in increasing page click-through rates. Six sitelinks can be connected with one URL in the SERP listing. The search result may take up four to five times the area provided to other SERP results on the PCs and potentially fill up the entire screen on mobile. This is a highly successful approach for increasing click-through rates.

  • Contributes Product awareness

They are a very effective means of raising product awareness among consumers. In addition, businesses may utilize sitelinks to connect significant pages on their website, which also happen to be the most revenue-generating. As a result, sitelinks are a very successful technique of increasing consumer knowledge of your products and services.

  • Easy Navigation to every page

When visitors click the URL, they will visit the most significant pages of the website like the homepage, product, or services page. Therefore, there are many chances of not visiting blog pages or reading the most popular blog entries. This problem is solved using sitelinks, which may send a lot of traffic to important resource sites.

Three Types of sitelinks:

  1. Organic sitelinks

They are primarily used for branded phrases and contain up to six sitelinks to different pages on your website. These sitelinks are generally seen in the top search results. It is a regular occurrence for a visitor to go straight to the homepage of your website. Users can directly link to these Web pages relevant to their search keywords using Google organic sitelinks. This also aids consumers in exploring your website and discovering stuff that they were previously unaware of.

  • One-line sitelinks

One-line sitelinks can have up to four links and appear in a variety of search results. In addition, one-line sitelinks are unique in that they can connect viewers to other Websites or certain information inside a Web page through fragmented links. These are frequently used by websites to send users to a page with information on the relevant search.

  • Sitelink search box

Sitelinks search box allows visitors to search and instantly access the web site’s search results on the SERP. Major companies mainly utilize it. Google adds it to the results automatically. However, businesses should be aware that having a sitelink search box on the homepage does not guarantee that it will show in Google search results.


While site links aren’t necessary for a website’s success, they may be highly beneficial in various ways. Following Google’s rules and regulations might help you have a chance to have your site links shown on their site. SEO Agency in Delhi guarantees that your website ranks at the top and may advertise site links, choose a competent business in this field.

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