Whether you paint your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or outdoors of your home, the cost of house paint can vary greatly. Should you save money and go cheaper on the shelf, or does that mean you will end up sacrificing quality and durability? Or does that mean you will have to pay more for the quality while spending less?

What should you know about inexpensive paints?

Some paints are less expensive, and that may seem like a bonus. But it is just a preliminary bonus. Inexpensive paint is not durable, and it also reduces the paint’s ability to give an even coverage to the walls. Eventually, you will need to buy more paint to get more coverage on the walls, or you will be left with uneven patches.

What you should know about Expensive paints?

Expensive paint, on the other hand, provides better coverage. It is important to know that paint is made up of solvent (water or alkyd), pigment, and binder. The solvent disappears as the paint dries, and the pigment and binder remain, the bond holding the pigment together. Binder and pigment are the strongest materials in paint, and the more you have, the better coverage you will get on your wall. Three or more coats of expensive paint are used to get a nice, smooth, compact cover for your wall. That may seem like a lot, but if you think it would take nine coats of cheap paint to achieve the same result.

It can take several hours a day to allow the paint coat to dry. If you are using high-quality paint, you will only need a few coats of paint. It is best to pay for high-quality paint so it takes less time and effort to get a smooth finish.

When to choose Expensive Paints?

If you have taken a trip to a hardware store, you may have noticed that different paints have different prices. To maximize value when painting your home, you need to think about what your walls will represent and which rooms need the best paint. Although cheap, flat colors are a great way to reduce costs, they will not last as long as the high-quality paint. High-quality washable paint will work better in the long run.

Painting inside a garage can be done cheaply and easily with less expensive paint. However, if you are painting a house, you should consider high-quality paint, which is in-turn expensive. Not all colors are washable, so if you want to paint the walls in certain areas of your home, consider high-quality paint.

How to Determine Cost of Paints?

Cheap paints include low-cost items to reduce overall expenditure. You will also not get the same amount of coverage. Therefore, less expensive paint will require more time, more coats, and it will probably not look good in the end. You will need to incur additional costs for most coats when purchasing substandard paint.

  • Cheap Colors and Paint

The types of colors you will use in your room also affect the quality of paint you should buy. If you use medium and dark paint, you will end up applying more coats. That’s because dark colors use a visible foundation. Light paint, on the other hand, is done in combination with a white base. Dark colors cannot be mixed with white paint, or it will be lighter.

A cheap paint may need a lot of coats when working with dark colors, as many as nine, to feel the right color and to look smooth.

  • Expensive Colors and Paints

If you plan to paint one of your rooms in black, then expensive paint is worth the cost. The room will not only get a better look once you finish it, but it will also save you a lot of valuable time when it comes to home renovations. Expensive paint is made to set well and save time. Some expensive paint products also have a primer and paint mixed to save you an extra step.


Many homeowners use the cheapest paint they can find in the market. While this is a great way to reduce costs and is also easy to fix, it does not give the best look over time. Therefore, there is a trade-off between appearance and quality when it comes to high paint prices. Also, the area of ​​the house you paint becomes a factor as you determine which type of paint to use.

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