Extreme wear and tear is a regular occurrence for shower tile and grout. Constant water splashes, soap scum build-up and acidic cleaners ruin the integrity of the surface. Moreover, constant dampness and moisture on the porous tile and grout lead to mold and mildew infestation inside. To keep shower tile and grout clean and dry is a constant struggle, especially if you do not know about the new and revolutionary methods of cleaning and maintaining. If your shower tile and grout look stained and worn out, you can still restore them like new by availing the best shower tile restoration.

 Understand the Problems Faced by Shower Tile and Grout

  • Most people use natural stone in their shower tile, which is highly porous. Stones like slate, travertine, granite and marble tend to absorb moisture and water, thereby offering excellent breeding conditions for mold and mildew. 
  • Grout filled in between tiles easily gets stained because of its porosity. Grout also cracks in some areas.
  • Mold looks bad, reeks of a bad smell and also causes respiratory infections.
  • Shower tile and grout also get damaged by acidic cleaners and other soaps and lotions with a low PH balance.
  • Shower areas are constantly damp and lack proper ventilation, which causes mold to develop easily.
  • Efflorescence is a big issue faced by shower tile and if not removed, it can clog the drains and also crack the tile.

 With so many issues, you might be feeling that shower tile and grout are impossible to keep sanitized and clean. But, if you hire the services of professionals, they will get you the best shower tile restoration services, ensuring that your surfaces remain clean, sanitized and hygienic for a lifetime.

Here is How Experts Carry out a Thorough Shower Tile Restoration:

 Cleaning Shower Tile and Grout Using Impactful Cleaners:

Professionals are aware of the deep-rooted stains and mold in porous natural stone and grout. They use deep soaking cleaners that can penetrate inside the pores of the stone and grout and performshower mold removal at the root level.  Such cleaners render a completely sanitized and prepped up surface.

Shower Tile Repair:

After the surface is prepped up and clean, professionals engage in restoring cracked shower tile using efficient epoxy resin adhesives, which deliver a seamless repair job. They use substances that never pop off from the stone and grout and give permanent results for a lifetime.

 Efflorescence Removal:

Efflorescence is a layer of mineral deposits that travels from the drain and settles on your tile or grout. This is the residue left over after masonry. Experts offer the best services for removing efflorescence in shower using powerful chemicals, which do not damage the tile and grout.

 Grout Sealing:

 After cleaning, many contractors seal the entire surface directly, without sealing the grout separately. Sealing grout in shower is an important part of restoration as high-quality products are used which make your grout waterproof. This newly sealed grout now becomes indifferent to moisture and dampness and remains intact forever.

 Shower Caulk Replacement:

Professional companies offer better solutions for sealing shower corners. Instead of caulking, they use epoxy resin adhesives to permanently seal your shower corners. Shower caulk replacement had become very necessary because caulking is a temporary fix as it tends to peel off or crack in different temperature settings.

Sealing Shower Tile:

Shower stone sealing is best done with natural look solvent based sealers which also leave a slight sheen on the surface. After the application of topical sealers, experts take the look of your stone to the next level.

Getting shower tile and grout cleaned and restored by experts will give you a lifetime of beautiful and hygienic surfaces. Many people try and do these restorations on their own as Do-It-Yourself tasks, but they don’t get professional results. If you want to take the beauty of your stone to the next level, it is better to hire a professional restoration service provider company. D’Sapone is one such company that promises to deliver perfection and renewed beauty to your shower tile and grout. They have also patented their procedures and use products manufactured by pFOkUS only.