3.14-Carat Vivid Purplish-Pink Diamond

Traversing the range of 1.6 billion years arises the most enticing diamond in history, the Argyle pink diamonds. Argyle pink diamonds are the world’s most revered diamonds and immensely admired for carrying out an impeccable charm, refinement, and fascinating origin. Given the Argyle pink diamonds’ rareness and unparalleled uniqueness, there’s no wonder why they’re some of the most sought-after diamonds in the jewellery industry.  

And though the ordinary fancy-coloured diamonds are sparse, Argyle pink diamonds are innately so. They’re so unique and rare that below the whole year’s rate of supply, only over half a carat would fit in one’s palm. 

The world’s only constant source of pink diamonds is the Argyle Diamond Mine, which is reckoning over 90 per cent of the global supply of pink diamonds. However, it’s saddening that the exquisite and rare diamonds’ inflation won’t last for good – estimated to shut down production anytime in 2021. 

On that note, with the halt in the Argyle pink diamond’s production, we would like you to learn almost everything about the rare diamond. So, when the time comes that pink diamonds are no longer available in the jewellery market, you would have delightful stories to tell and information to share about Argyle pink diamonds. Look no further and scroll through the pages. 

Argyle Pink Diamonds: The Origin of the Scarce Diamond’s Alluring and Rare Colour

The Argyle pink diamonds are from a specific and distinct Argyle mine located in Western Australia. But here’s something that you should know, not all diamonds mined in Argyle mine are pink since pink diamonds are extremely rare. 

A volcanic pipe, usually known as the Argyle pipe, has something to do with the rare beauty and structure of Argyle pink diamonds. An eruption caused minerals such as clays, kaolinite, micas, and zeolite to interact with the diamonds, which happened during their formation. 

The majority of Argyle pink diamonds encompass small amounts of nitrogen impurities. But the structural defects of the crystal lattice tied up most of their colours.

The Intensity Levels of Argyle Pink Diamonds

Source: Argyle Pink Diamond Colour Chart

The Argyle company has come up with its system of grading colour. Although the colour, clarity, cut and carat or 4Cs, apply to Argyle diamonds as they do to other precious diamonds. 

The pink diamonds have four distinct classifications: P (Pink), PC (Pink Champagne), PP (Purplish Pink),  and Pink Rosé (PR) – graded depending on their colour intensity ranging from 1 being the highest to 9 being the lowest.  

The Argyle pink diamonds found in the Argyle mine are commonly bubblegum-like in colour with an exquisite appearance.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds’ Cost and Rarity

The Argyle mine supplies more than 90% of pink diamonds worldwide. That means, merely one in every two and a half million tons of ore refined in the mine comprises a pink diamond. 

Unfortunately, there has been an extensive decline in the production of Argyle pink diamonds. The reduction in the production of Argyle pink diamonds has manifest over the past years.

Argyle Pink Diamonds: Beyond Rare and Exquisite Gem

Argyle pink diamonds are remarkably unique and exquisite. No wonder why many people of opulence are investing in the precious gem.


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