athena emr vs advancedmd ehr

If you are currently thinking about employing an EHR software in your practice but are not entirely sure how one would even benefit you then perhaps we can help you out. In this piece, we will be discussing Athena EMR Software and AdvancedMD EHR in detail. Their features, pricing and more to help you determine which one of these two EHR software might be a better fit for your medical practice. Hopefully, by the end of the piece you will be able to determine which software would be better for you and your medical practice. 

So if you are interested in either of these software, then we can perhaps help you figure out which of the two you should ideally opt for! Keep reading to find out more. 

Athena EMR 

Features in Athena EMR

The first software we want to talk about is Athena EHR which is a very popular EHR option because of the various features it has. The patient portal feature in this software in particular helps reduce the amount of responsibilities on your shoulders as patients can use the portal to schedule their own appointments, communicate safely with you and much more! 

The clinical summaries feature in Athena EMR helps you write down patient details in a way that allows you to make patient appointments much smoother. With these summaries in Athena EHR you are able to know the bullet points which are pertinent to a patient and then be able to better diagnose them. The summaries allow you to have all important information in hand instead of having to skim through long detailed notes. This allows you to save time as well. 

Pricing and Demo

As for Athena EMR pricing, the software is quite affordable. The software has a nominal amount that it charges per user monthly which allows them to access and use the software in their practice seamlessly. And if you want a demo for the software, you simply have to contact the vendor and request a demo from them and they will most likely provide you with a free Athena EMR demo to help you get acquainted with the software! 

AdvancedMD EMR

Features of AdvancedMD EMR 

Now that we have talked in length about Athena EMR we want to tell you about AdvancedMD EHR which is also a wonderful EHR option. This software has a billing feature which allows you to simplify the task of billing considerably. The feature lets you make billing very quickly so that you are able to spend time on other more important tasks instead of having to worry about billing constantly. 

The appointment scheduling feature in AdvancedMD is also great because of how it helps you optimize your daily schedule considerably. The feature helps you account for every minute of your work day and schedule patient appointments in every slot you could by matching you to patients who would be available during it. The software also sends out reminders for the appointments to your patients which helps you reduce the number of no-shows you might have otherwise experienced at your practice! 

Pricing and Demo

As for the pricing of AdvancedMD EHR, the software costs a little more than Athena EMR. However, the cost isn’t too much considerably and is affordable by mid tier practices who are willing to spend more per provider. 

You can also get a free demo of the software fairly easily by contacting the vendor and requesting one. Usually vendors are more than happy to oblige to such requests and provide users with free demos! 

Final Verdict

If you are still confused about which of these two EHR you should choose then we can give you some tips on how to come to a decision for yourself. While we cannot make a decision for you since we do not know the specifics of your practice, we can easily come up with ways you will be able to determine what software you need on your own. 

The first thing you need to do is make a list of all the features you would ideally need in an EHR software and then compare it with both Athena EHR Software and AdvancedMD EMR. The software which has more features you would want is a good choice. 

The second thing you need to do is read as many reviews for both the software as possible so that you are able to know well enough about how both these software are rated by users since that is a good measure of finding out whether a software is good. 

And finally, we highly recommend that you reach out to the vendor for each software or whichever one you are most interested in and request a demo for it. Asking for a demo of the software is a great way to find out if a software is right for you. This will allow you to see the features in each software firsthand instead of merely reading about them. 

We are sure whichever software you choose whether its Athena EHR or AdvancedMD EMR, it will make for the best choice for your medical practice!