If we had to describe Audio Transcription in simple words it would be to convert audio into a written form. It might seem an effortless job, however, when you look closely you will understand that the audio transcription is an important task which requires skill and experience. 

Types of Audio Transcriptions Services

  • Academic Transcription

A lot of transcription is academy related and very rightly so as the academic research, lectures and practical has a mammoth amount of content which needs to be transcripted in written form. The transcription enables easy reproduction of the content for future use as well as a ready reference. All students require their notes and study material to prepare and revise the syllabus. The academic transcription has made a convincing breakthrough in the field of academics. It has benefitted both the students as well as the entire society of educators.

  • Journalism

When it comes to transcription services how can we not include the field of journalism and media? The audio interviews are the most regular activity of this field. Any interview that takes place to be it of a regular person or of a celebrity you need to transcript it for the sake of reproducing it in the required form. It also helps to edit and work on a particular project. It is more complicated to work on the audio file. The text can be edited and used in a plethora of ways. The text files are also easier to store as it occupies less space. The audio transcription services are not only helpful but are an essential part of the media field. 

  • Video Production

Video production might not be a prominent activity a few years back but the consumption of video has increased manifold in the present times. There are many factors for this change in society. 

The data charges have been slashed to very low prices throughout the country. All the network providers in India render the internet at uninterrupted high speed. The cheaper data has in return increased the data usage for all consumers. The smartphone users in the country have also increased and currently accounts for the highest in the world. This milestone has not been achieved overnight but a lot of factors contribute to the feat. Affordable smartphones, increased spending capacity of the consumers are some of the primary factors for increased consumption of video. Thus, audio transcription for videos is a must in the current times.

The audio transcription services are a very important aspect in India as the type of requirement of transcription has increased and it has changed from journalism to academic and video usages as well. Hence, audio transcription remains a very essential service.