Back Muscle Pain And Its Treatment

Are you suffering from back muscle pain that doesn’t allow you to move and work properly?  If so, then this article is solely for you guys. It is something that every person does experience at different stages of life. Usually, it is not so severe but can give you a tough timein acute conditions.

Living in an era of technology means to be up-to-date about worldly happenings,which requires a lot of screen time.Excess screen time leads to a sedentary lifestyle which causes many fitness-related problems. Back muscle pain is one of them, which is very common among young ones and adults.

This article will provide you complete information about causes, symptoms, and back muscle pain recovery time. So, keep reading the article if you want to gain a piece of credential information about back muscle pain and its cure.

Symptoms OfBack Muscle Pain:

Sometimes your back muscles become stiff or rigid and don’t allow you to move properly. Muscle pain is always a painful condition. So, it is necessary to deal with it. The symptoms of back muscle pain usually mix up with other intestinal and renal diseases. That’s why it is of utmost importance to understand them to get quickrelief.

The common symptoms of back muscle pain are given below:

  • Sharp pain in the buttocks and the lower portion while lifting heavy objects.
  • Stiffness of muscles in the lower part of your back that stops your movement.
  • Stiffed neck muscles.
  • Pain in shoulders.
  • Upper back pain
  • Itching in the back makes your motion difficult.

Causes Of Back Pain:

Back muscle pain is caused by many diverse reasons. That’s why it is not ok to consider any one of them. Let’s discuss all of them in detailto get a comprehensive concept.

The leading causes of back muscle pain are given below:

  • Lifting heavy objects is the main reason for sudden back pain in most cases.
  • Having no physical activity also harms the muscles. The muscles become weak that results in back pain or muscle stiffness. In short, a sedentary lifestyle is the main reason forback muscle pain.
  • Bad posture doesresults in muscle pain. When you sit in the wrong posture for a long time, it results in musclestiffness or inflammation, which ultimatelycauses muscle pain.
  • Sudden trauma and stress are also involved in back pain and are one of the common causes of muscle ache.
  • Overweight persons are most likely to get back muscle pain. So, this also a cause of back muscle pain.

According to a survey by Statista, approximately 29 percent of people suffering from back muscle pain claimed that sudden trauma and stress were the leading cause of their problems. The other 26 percent blamed asedentary lifestyle or weak muscles for back muscle pain, while the remaining 26 percent said excess physical activity is the leading cause of back muscle pain in their case.

Treatment Of Back Muscle Pain:

In most cases, the muscle pain is not too acute and can be treated at home using different techniques. However, this process requires time and plenty of patience.In most cases, it takes almost two weeks to recover get back to a regular routine. If it lasts longer than two weeks, then you must see a doctor.

 Some of the methods that we can use for back muscle pain recoveryare given below:

·        Heat AndCold Therapy:

Cold therapy is used immediately after the onset of back muscle pain. Cold therapy reduces inflammation on the spot. It gives sudden relief from pain. After getting rid of inflammation, or you can say that you can use heat therapy after one or two days.

It involves the use of hot pads or hot water bottles. The heat triggers bloodcirculation, which makes the healing process faster. But make sure that always wrap the hot pads or water bottle in a cloth and then apply it.

·        Massage Properly:

The proper massage on the spot of pain can make the healing process more manageable. Thereason is that massage makes the blood circulation faster.

·        Medication:

You can also use Anti-inflammatory medicines to start the healing process. Pain killers are also helpful inback muscle pain. Although the medications will make your back muscle pain recovery time short. But it will be good for you to consult your doctor or physician before taking any medicine.

·        Physical Activity:

Mostly, we believe that bed rest is the only way to get rid of back muscle pain. But bed rest is a good option only for a few days. After you slowly get into your daily routine, you should make sure that some physical activity is involved in your routine. The physical activity may be walking, swimming, yoga, or other exercises.

·        Exercise:

Exercise is the best physical activity that not only keeps you away from many fitness problems but also keeps you active and fresh. After you get rid of severe muscle pain, you must exercise at least 5-10 minutes in your routine.

It will make your muscles strong and prevent you from further muscle damage and pain.

The neck, upper back pain, and lower back pain require some different kinds of exercises. Therefore, we will discuss some of the best exercises for upper back pain for you.

Exercises ForUpperBack Pain:

The names of some basicexercises for upper back pain are given below.

  • Cat-cow pose
  • Corner stretch
  • Shoulder roll
  • Thoracic extension
  • Knee to chest stretches
  • Neck flexion
  • Trunk rotation

Stretches For Lower Back Pain:

The stretches for lower back pain make it easier to heal the pain. Some stretches for lower back pain that are used more commonly are given below.

  • Child’s pose
  • Seated-spinal stretch
  • Prayer stretch
  • Piriformis stretch


The back muscle pain is painful but is not severe in most cases. It is caused by a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight gain, high physical activity, sudden trauma and falling down, and muscle weakness.

But the good news is that you can cure it at home by using some cure techniques, such as physical support, heat and cold therapy, stretches for lower back pain,medication, physical therapy, or exercises for upper back pain and lower back pain.It will be good to consult your doctor in severe cases.