When you hear the word backpack, innovation and attention may not be the first features that come to mind. But it’s time to give the backpack a little more credit. In the promotional world, backpacks are an effective item to put a logo on for better visibility. Backpacks have always been an integral part of the school, but their use goes far beyond the classroom. From corporate travelers to extreme hikers to gym patrons, the versatility of a backpack makes it the perfect item for almost any promotion.

Consider putting the logo in your backpack and using it for your next gift. This is an excellent replacement for tote bags, t-shirts, or other promotional items. Backpacks are durable, can be found in multiple price ranges, are ideal for both men and women, and have a variety of features. There should be a backpack that emphasizes your message and resonates with your target audience.

Backpack for any audience

When deciding to buy a backpack, first think about your audience. Select the style that the recipient is concerned with. Includes several styles:

Traditional backpack. The simple design with color pop and budget-friendly details makes traditional backpacks popular with big business giveaways. Think of it as a replacement for a trade show tote bag. Or fold it flat and use it for your next direct mail promotion.

Sports pack. When you’re looking for a product that appeals to an active audience, sports packs are the way to go. Padded shoulder straps, multiple pockets for water bottles and gear, and suspension systems are common in sports packs because they’re for people on the move. Retail brands are also important when looking for sports packs. Quality and durability are important to this audience and you can continue to build your brand image and credibility by associating your brand with a well-known retail brand.

Cinch. Lightweight and ultra-portable, the cinch is a great option for fitness programs, sports markets, or new product packaging and information distribution. Cinch is usually a low cost item with a high ROI.

Sling. If you are looking to grab a more hip market, the sling is a bag for you. It has a more trendy shape than a traditional backpack with a single strap and is usually smaller in size so you can use it every day.

Compu-Backpack. From young professionals to veteran executives, comp patagonia school backpack are a daily staple in and out of the office and can be seen multiple times a day. A great gift for recruitment, orientation, or purchase of technology-related products and services.

Recent trends

As with all retail products, fashion and social trends are important in evolving the design and functionality of backpacks. Search for trendy backpacks to show your customers and employees that they are thinking positively. Below are the top three backpack trends this year.

Electronics Compatibility and Protection-As the use of iPods, iPads and smartphones increases, so does the number of backpacks with compatible features. The headphone port, padded compartment specially designed to protect these items, and integrated quick access pockets are just a few of the new features that excite technicians.

TSA Compliant-Easy to pass security at the airport. With a TSA-compliant backpack, you can pass security without removing your laptop from the bag. Thaw the bag and lay it flat on the conveyor belt. A must-see for those who travel frequently.

Eco-friendly-Backpacks are also keeping up with the eco-friendly movement. Green materials such as recycled PET, jute and non-woven polypropylene help ensure that there are backpacks that appeal to even the most sensitive consumers.