You’re here because you’re at the threshold of one of the most incredible experiences of your life. It must tickle your fancy to think of camping next to the bustling beaches and driving through the most scenic road you’ve ever seen. Or taking an off-road driving trail and exploring the outback.

Welcome to campervan life!

You must have already figured out that travelling in a campervan is the best way to feel the pulse of the country. Nothing beats the excitement of the open road! And the first step towards it is to get the best caravan for your travel.

What type of caravan should you buy?

This legendary question leads to two major considerations – how loaded or big you want it and what’s your budget. Here, research is key and even more importantly, knowing where to start.

You might need to ask yourself things like the purpose of the campervan, who drives it, frequency of use, the drive terrains, budget and when you need it. The answers to these questions can narrow down your search to a smaller number of potential campervans.

When you figure out why you want to buy a campervan, it becomes a lot easier to work out how often you plan to use it and where you will be driving it. Depending on the number of people you plan the trip with, you can decide on the number of beds and travel seats. Awning, cooking facilities, tents, all these decisions can be made when you know who and how many are travelling with you and where.

Basic campervan features

It’s a no-brainer to say that the most important features of a campervan, or any vehicle for that matter, are safety and reliability. However, there are some must-have features for a campervan no matter how you plan to use it.

  • A bed and a table
  • Cooking facility, a hob inclusive
  • Running water
  • Four travel seats
  • A fridge
  • Gas and electric facilities
  • Heating, for cold nights (might not be essential)
  • A leisure battery 12V with optional solar battery
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Portable chemical toilet

Rules & legislation while buying a campervan in Australia

Different states in Australia have slightly different rules over campervan ownership. You might need to check with the relevant state for the most updated information. Also, make sure you are familiar with the rules of the road that often come with hefty penalties.

An Australian driving license or a driving license from your home country is mostly acceptable, but if your license is not in English, you might need an international driving license to drive in Australia.

It is a legal requirement that all vehicles driven on Australian roads must be registered. The rego needs renewal in a scheduled timeframe. Also, all Australian cars must be covered by a “green slip” or compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance. It forms part of the campervan rego process.

Your budget

Showroom model or custom-built? With a lot of space? Quick, light and durable? If budget is not a constraint, you can talk to the professionals and have a campervan built specifically for your unique needs.

If you have a limited budget, there are still ways that you can get out on the road. These include:

  • Buying a second-hand campervan
  • Finding a campervan for rent

Second-hand campervans

The obvious reasons for buying a second-hand campervan are, of course, it’s cheaper, and you get a lot more features and accessories for the money you pay. However, going down this path will require you to be a bit cautious.

Rookie online dealerships and seller platforms cannot usually guarantee the quality of campervans they sell. Vehicles can come with hidden problems that will show up only when you’re halfway through your adventure. Thus, it becomes important for you to know your campervan before buying.

Buying from a trusted dealership like Avan NSW, who are the only authorised dealers in NSW for Avan campervans, takes away a lot of headache from you. When you buy second-hand motorhomes or campervans, Avan’s technical know-how and superior aftercare service help maintain the highest quality and level of safety in them.

Campervans for rent

Renting a campervan is similar to renting a house, it depends on your situation. Most of the time buying a campervan can be seen as a more astute financial move than renting one.

If you don’t have the budget to buy a campervan, or you’re unsure as to what you want, your best bet is renting a campervan and taking it from there.

Buying a new campervan

Usually the make and model of the campervan determines its value, and some brands tend to hold their value better than others. It also depends on the intended use of the owner. There are some campervans that are the best long-term buys due to their unique history and high quality.

Consider it as an investment when you buy a new campervan from a high-value brand because it’s going to give you handsome returns when you re-sell it.

Buying the best campervan

Getting the best deal for your campervan and getting the best quality campervan could be a function of thorough research, knowing what you want, planning what you do with the campervan and reviewing different options.

Campervans are popular during summertime where both supply and demand are higher and you would be able to find a variety of models and builds. The winter season will bring you lower prices on the campervans but then you might have to wait for that summer road trip.

A lot of time and effort can go into buying the best campervan. You need to check the safety specs of the vehicle. Review your needs, check for maneuverability, comfort and storage. Campervans give you a higher level of freedom to go longer, faster and have fun all the way.