Beginner's Guide for Porcelain and Marble Slabs

Do you know that you can have a porcelain slab all-around your house, but the most demanded ones are the ones on the countertops? What’s the reason behind it? In this guide, we will provide you with the answer to all queries regarding porcelain. You must be exhausted from looking at your kitchen and countertops getting dull; the shine when it was all new is gone by now. Isn’t it?

Do you want to revive the same exciting feel? When you looked at your kitchen and said, “damn its perfect. ” If yes, then we are offering you a complete guide which will give you innovative ideas about the modern look for your kitchen. Continue reading the rest of this article to unearth the best designs for your counter slabs.

Why Install Porcelain Slabs Cleveland?

The purpose of installing these slabs is to make your kitchen look more mesmerizing. The porcelain slabs Cleveland provides you with a high quality of thin and easy-to-install slabs. You can even install it on the existing surface without creating any mess. A working homemaker might be busy to call the installers and guide them.

Regarding your choices, what area you want to cover and how much space you want to leave for your stove. But no need to worry about it, nowadays different professional advisors can visit your house, look around and suggest you the best designs that will go beyond your expectations.

These professionals are trained, and they know what sort of porcelain will compliment your kitchen. They can help you out if you are struggling with deciding the designs. Porcelain slabs Cleveland can be a problem solver for your floor tile, countertops, sinks, vases, toilets or wall tiles. These slabs are the only option to go for if you are looking for a sustainable kitchen.

  • Furthermore, you can install porcelain slabin planes and boats to make it look luxurious. But the plan and boat’s weight are also taken into consideration through these slabs are light, but still, no one can take the risk. First, they give a test flight to check whether the plane’s weight and slab go well along.
  • If they succeed in the fight, the slabs keep installed if the plane can maintain the balance. You can install these slabs in offices, malls, schools, and many other places to create a place’s value and make it look more elegant.

Are These Porcelain Slabs Costly?

These porcelain slabs are not expensive at all. You can easily buy it from marble warehouse Cleveland at a reasonable price. These slabs are unlike the real marbles that cost in thousand dollars but still, they end up being sensitive to touch and with those, you need to be careful, while cleaning and maintenance are a difficult task.

But in comparison with those natural marbles, these porcelain sheets are more durable, easy to install and affordable. These porcelain sheets are large and are available in a size of around “59×118”. There are few more sizes; you can go through those and see which size goes well with the particular area where you want to install the slab.


You can clean it with a wet cloth. Applying the shining spray is not needed. The spray might be having chemicals that don’t favour the slab. No doubt that the slab gets dusty within few days. So, when it is just dusty, there isn’t any requirement to wash it with water. You can dust the dirt with a clean cloth.

Most women get tired of cleaning the stains of nail paint fallen on the slab, or whether it is the kids who showed their art on the slab, there is always a solution to these marks. In this case, marble warehouse Cleveland has provided you with relief by manufacturing the countertops in a way that doesn’t allow the stains to stay forever on the surface.

You can clean those whenever you want. With some warm water or tap water may be. If you are still tensed about stains, then go for the white slab. If you are properly cleaning the slabs, their glossiness will never fade. Precaution: If you are going for marble, remember that they have acidic nature, so you must keep vinegar and lemon away from the marbles.

Porcelain goes through different stages when it is being manufactured; that’s the reason why it can bear heat to an extreme level, and mostly marble warehouse Cleveland supplies the most high-quality porcelain and marble to reduce the exposure of heat in your kitchen. Porcelain and marble both allow your kitchen to stay cool by absorbing the heat.

Variety Of Porcelain Slabs

There are many porcelain and marble slabs that can bring perfection to your kitchen. The experts from all over the world have suggested a few slabs that are best from the rest. Some of them are listed below:

· Italian Look Marbles

These marbles look realistic, and they have proved to be highly rated and high-quality porcelain slabs because of their decency and aesthetic vibe.

· Quartzite Marble Look

One of the most elegant slabs which famous all around the world for its uniqueness. It turns out beautifully no matter where ever you install it. You have a choice of customization in these marbles, which makes them a must-have.

· Travertine Porcelain Tiles

These are the installer’s favourite because they are easy to cut and install, and the results after installing are just eye-catching. They create a seamless surface which is its plus point.

Final words

Homemakers want their house to look fancy and modern at the same time. The industries and various companies are trying to provide their customers with the best quality porcelain. The customer is given a chance to add colours of his choice in the slabs, which is a piece of excellent news for a knit picker.

The brushing and polishing on these porcelain slabs Cleveland give to slab look-alike a natural stone. Before you buy a Porcelain slab, do ask the provider for countertops with sealers so that they can be saved for a long time. If you have acknowledged the instructions and guidelines mentioned above, we hope that now you know what to look for.