armless office chairs

Sitting in an office chair with arms is perhaps the usual and preferred way to sit in most workplaces around the world. Ask a colleague or friend if they prefer a chair with armrests and the vast majority will probably say yes. While many people prefer to sit in a chair with armrests, there are also a large number of people who would choose to sit in a chair without arms. Armless office chairs have many advantages that arms office chairs do not, making them a great alternative to office chairs.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying an office chair without an arm over a chair with one arm is the price reduction you will receive. Chairs without armrests will always be cheaper than a chair with arms, as the cost of adding a set of armrests to a chair always drives up the price. Outfitting your office with armless chairs in couches is a viable option for those on a budget, as it will end up saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Chair arms are one of the first parts of an office chair to break due to repeated pressure applied to them throughout the life of the chair. If your chair is still under warranty when the part breaks, ordering replacement parts can take a long time; Sometimes the process of receiving a new part can take up to a few weeks from the time the request is submitted to the manufacturer. If your chair is not under warranty, you will need to purchase a new chair, which will add to the cost that could have been saved if you had purchased an office chair without arms.

Chairs without armrests are smaller too, making them great space savers. Often times when office chairs have arms, there is a chance that the chair will not fit properly under your desk, which may require you to flip the chair over if it doesn’t work for your workplace. Having to measure the height of your desk and find the exact measurements for the seat, arms, and overall chair height can be tedious and difficult. Buying an office chairs without arms eliminates this inconvenience with its ability to fit in almost any workstation or office without having to worry about taking precise measurements.

Often while you are working, the chair armrests can get in the way. Whether you’re sitting in your chair or standing to take a break, armrests always tend to get in the way. If your workstation is ergonomically configured to have a keyboard tray installed under your desk, having a chair with armrests can be an even bigger problem when it comes to finding a way to place them under your desk and keyboard tray. Having armrests on a chair will also negate the ergonomic benefits of using a keyboard tray, forcing you to type in an unnatural position that will tire your wrists. Sliding into an armless chair is effortless, and sitting down and getting up will no longer seem like a chore. It will also be much easier to reach nearby objects or on your desk without your arms getting in your way.

If you are unsure whether you are purchasing a chair without armrests for the first time, rest assured that most chairs allow you to remove the armrests whenever you want later. Most office chairs purchased from internet resellers are shipped unassembled, so you can decide if you need the armrests during the assembly process. If you choose to install the armrests and then prefer to sit in an office chair without arms, the arms can be easily removed to give you maximum flexibility. The only time it is impossible to remove the arms from an office chair is if the arms are part of the overall structure and design of the chair, which is a rare feature.

Sitting in an office chair without arms takes some getting used to and it can take a few weeks to feel completely comfortable. If you are considering making the switch, but still not sure if you will be happy with a new office chair without armrests, consider removing the arms from your current chair to test the feel. This will provide you with a free determinant of your decision to buy a new chair without armrests by eliminating the possibility of having to flip a chair because it feels uncomfortable without arms.