Education is not just the learning of facts. Especially in the context of globalization, education is to be understood as the imparting of knowledge that prepares a child to continue to learn by themselves even after finishing school. Most parents in India have acquired their early education in conventional educational environments. 

However, they are always looking for the most modern education for their children. With a country such as India having developed at an extremely fast rate in the past few decades, the growth in the terms of quality of education being offered is also visible. In very competitive cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Noida, etc. finding the right kindergarten for children can have a huge impact on their future. Here, we aim to assist parents in Noida in understanding the benefits of selecting the right school for their children.

Early years education in Noida

The educational landscape in Noida has been growing tremendously due to the simultaneous growth seen in the city’s infrastructure, general population, and ultimately, people’s standard of life. To cater to parents’ needs to choose the best kindergarten for their children, a number of schools have been offering various programmes that differentiate their curriculum from the rest. 

However, very few schools truly offer the right method of education that is backed by years of scientific studies. One such learning approach is the Montessori method of schooling.

What is a Montessori school?

A Montessori school offers a flexible yet comprehensive curriculum. It is centred around the unique needs of children with the aim of helping them in achieving their holistic development. Developed in the early 1900s by Dr Maria Montessori, a physician and educator herself, the Montessori method of learning is based on the understanding that children have an innate desire to learn by exploring the environment around them. 

Hence, by ensuring that the right tools are placed in the environment, children can analyze and reach the right conclusions which therefore would also lead to them turning into self-confident learners as opposed to accepting facts because someone told them so. The various benefits of this method are listed below.

Advantages of the Montessori method

1. Child-centred environment

A Montessori school is based on the principle that every child has their own unique abilities. Therefore, the tools placed in the classroom and the curriculum taught to students is tailor-made to suit the unique needs and different learning pace of every single child.

2. Collaborative learning

In these schools, the age gap between children is two to three years. This mixed age group setting allows children to learn from each other. It helps them in learning how to trust their peers.

3. Teachers as Guides

Teachers encourage children to develop their own thoughts freely. The scope of that freedom however is decided by the teachers. Due to a healthy student-to-teacher ratio, there are better interactions between the two as well.

4. All-round development

The focus of education in a Montessori school is not just on the development of the child’s cognitive abilities but also on their social, emotional and physical abilities. Therefore, apart from learning academic values, children also inculcate the understanding of being kind and compassionate to themselves as well as their peers. 

Nursery School Admission in NoidaGoing a step beyond the usual Montessori programme, the Global Indian International School (GIIS) located in Noida, offers its own Global Montessori Plus (GMP) Programme. In this modified method, GIIS has incorporated the latest learning methods and innovative tools that highly accelerate students’ pace of learning. 

As they grow up to be culturally aware and conscious of the environment, they are much better prepared to develop a global perspective and become active contributing members of the larger international society.