search engine optimization for attorneys

Attorneys today are constantly battling it out with stiff competition. Wherever you’re from, there’s always a steady batch of new lawyers coming in every year. So, apart from enhancing their skills and knowledge, lawyers today also need to focus on their marketing campaigns. In particular, digital marketing. 

Even in the online environment, competition is still challenging. But, one of the constant fail-proof ways to meet this change is through SEO or search engine optimization for attorneys.

Even lawyers can benefit from SEO, too. After all, search engines, notably Google, are still among the best ways to drive clients into a law firm. Here’s how it works to be advantageous:

Create Better Websites For Optimized Searches

When you’ve got a website up and running, your goal should always be to bring more searches in. It can be costly to maintain a website for your law firm, especially so when you don’t see the results coming in. 

The good news, though, is that through complying with the techniques related to SEO for lawyers, you’re not just creating websites per se. You’re creating websites that translate to profits as well.

That said, here’s how SEO does this for your law firm’s site:

  • It differentiates your firm’s from other firms’ websites, thereby also making you stand out.
  • It prioritizes the substance or the content over the form.
  • It always has in mind the client and their individual needs.

Aids In Keyword Research And Discovery

Before a lawyer or any professional can optimize a website, one of the first steps necessary to go through is researching for the right keywords. The main bottom line to follow is that the lawyers must focus on the keywords they know their clients will search through for legal services. 

These words should be commonly used so that when inserted in their firm’s content, they’re able to drive traffic to their site strategically.

That said, here are other tips to follow relating to keyword research:

  • Know what your target audience wants, such as, in this case, the specific branch or field of law that you’re specializing in
  • Always study the analytics results of your keywords
  • Use multiple variations of the keywords you’re aiming to use
  • Use different keywords to point to the same thing
  • Creates Attractive And Compelling Content For Your Website

As briefly mentioned above, one of the important ways also that SEO benefits websites is through the coming up of compelling content. Even your law firm has to create content that screams to your audience. 

It should drive your target market to make calls to your law firms. You’ve heard it so many times before that “content is king.” Indeed, it is, for without content, your law firm’s website will only be empty and useless.

That said, here are some of the SEO content writing tips to apply for your website:

Always prioritize body content and meta titles when writing SEO-friendly content.
Incorporate the keywords strategically in the content.

Why PPC For Law Firms

Don’t fall for the fallacy that the frustrating path to the top of Google’s organic rankings is the only way your firm can attract consistent business.

The truth is that the far more accessible way to reach that goal is by leveraging the many benefits of law firm PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. Here are eight reasons successful law firms already are.

Start Seeing Results ASAP

As a lawyer, you know all about waiting around. Whether it’s waiting to hear back from opposing counsel, when your court date will be, or what the judge or jury has decided, patience isn’t just a virtue for attorneys. It’s a requirement for the job.

And yet, if you’ve ever had to wait around for SEO results, you’ve probably felt that trait tested.

No Long-Term Commitments

Because PPC marketing for law firms doesn’t take years to show results, agencies don’t insist on long-term commitments. They know their clients will be happy and want to secure their services again and again.

Most SEO agencies can’t afford to let their clients decide every month if it’s worth it to keep working with them. Instead, they’ll generally require a six-month contract – maybe longer.

They know they’ll need that much time to show their clients results.


Every law firm particularly knows by now that digital marketing is getting even more competitive. Hence they need to practice proper SEO techniques, so they’ll get their firms noticed. 

But, this also isn’t to say that these law firms, and the lawyers behind them, know the ins and outs of SEO for attorneys. Not all may even have been effectively incorporating these practices into their law firms’ websites. 

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