Benefits of Using Tri-Wing Screwdriver in Electronic Devices

The screwdriver has been one of the most primitive tools since the beginning of time. It is known to be an essential part of every tool kit. There are numerous circumstances and professions where a screwdriver is an indispensable accessory to carry out a particular task of tightening and loosening bolts. You probably know of a few various kinds of screwdriver heads, but you might be surprised to know about a long list of different screwdrivers according to the several types of screws. But the one in focus today is the Tri-wing Screwdriver. It is proven to be an extremely beneficial tool for everyone in manufacturing industry. Considering the value of this screwdriver, you can find this product on Esource for the most affordable prices. However, you should know your product before you purchase it. 

What is the Tri-wing Screwdriver? 

A screwdriver might have been the first tool introduced to you. The Tri-wing screwdriver has been a part of many tool kits all over the world. It is just as crucial as a flathead screwdriver with which you can open the backs of different things around the house. Even for the more determined hardware handlers here, it is a tool that they can use around the house and mainly on your electronic devices for menial fixtures. So let’s start with what the Tri wing screwdriver truly is. It is a triangular slotted screw that vaguely resembles a pinwheel. This screwdriver has a small triangular cavity in the middle and three slots for the “wings” that fan out from each edge of the triangle. The Tri-wing screwdriver was quite popular during the 1970s due to its frequent usage in aerospace engineering and the aircraft industry; for instance, the British Aerospace and Airbus are also users of this fastener. The screwdriver later was most commonly found in electronic equipment ranging from home electronics and electronic devices such as the Nintendo, which has Tri-wing screws. Moreover, it is used to fix Apple iPhones. 

3 Most Common Types of Tri-Wing Screwdriver

Tri-Wing Screw Driver For Wii Nds Ndsl Wii Gba

0.6mm Y Tip Triwing Tri Wing Tip Opening Screwdriver Tool Y000 For All Apple iPhone’s

iPhone 7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X/XR/XS/XS Max 0.6mm Y Tip Triwing Tri Wing Tip Opening Screwdriver Tool 12cm Y000 – Gold

Where Can You Use The Tri-Wing Screwdriver?

You would think that with such a hard-to-find screwdriver, it would not have that many uses. But you would be surprised. As previously mentioned, the exterior casing of Nintendo posses Tri-wing screws all over, but that is not it. Specific electronic devices such as consoles, iPhones, and cameras have these screws too. They also often feature quite small tips to enable use with components with more miniature screws. It makes these tools straightforward and intuitive to use, and they are highly serviceable in a wide variety of situations. 

What Are The Electronic Issues that Require The Tri-Wing Screwdriver?

  • Water Spillage: Have you ever been using a device and got clumsy with a glass of water around it? Chances are you ended up spilling some water on it accidentally. There will always be that one person who tells you to put your device in a bag of rice. This fix doesn’t work at all and can lead to dust and starch particles entering your device. A practical solution would be to use the screwdriver to open up the device and tend to the affected circuitry. 
  • Physical Damage: Accidental drops are the sole reason your device suffers physical damage. Many people don’t bother taking the appropriate precautions to protect their devices. Moreover, device parts can also degrade over time, which could call for replacements. In case of potential damage, you can use this screwdriver to open up the device.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Tri-Wing Screwdriver?

When talking about the perks of using the Tri-wing screwdriver in electronic devices, it is for you to be sure as to why you need to buy this product. As already stated above, the uses of this screw are endless when it comes to electronic equipment. But limiting them to only opening the backs of computers, consoles, and mobile phones is not fair. Categorizing the Tri-wing as a manual screwdriver would be the appropriate choice. The main advantage these Tri-wing screwdrivers have over battery-powered screwdrivers is that they are much more portable, very lightweight because it is only their rubber, ergonomic grip, and their metal tip. Also, every job has unique demands. It is crucial to use screwdrivers with fasteners, such as screws with correct torques. All of this will provide precision, increased productivity, less wasted time, more comfort, and overall, so to do work efficiently. But because they are manually powered, it may lead to hand fatigue or even wrist pain. In some scenarios where screws are stuck, a manual screwdriver like the Tri-wing may not be sturdy enough to remove the screw.


To sum it up, Screwdrivers are hand tools used to loosen screws. There are various screwdriver models, depending on the tip’s shape, and the tri-wing has a triangle slot. Whether you are an expert hobbyist or a manufacturer, you can find screwdrivers in craft workshops and houses. They are easy to use and convenient, and handy as well. So hop on over to the Esource Parts website to find yourself one of these screwdrivers to make your screwing needs an easy job.