Best Android Tracker App for Parental Control

The android phones are the most widely used smartphones over around the glove. Almost every young and old use mobile phones nowadays, and more than 86% of the cell phones used by the individuals are running with android operating system.

There are number of android tracking apps that seek to record all the activities over the target android devices but many of them fail to offer a true spying service.

The best, as per our knowledge, is TheOneSpy. It is the best android tracker app that can track and record each and every bit of communication over the target android device.

The app does all the spying without providing any clue to the target child, because if the child gets to know about the spying activity, there can be some sort of rude behavior by the child which can be hard to handle for the parent.

Key Features of Best Android Tracker App

Geo-fencing the movement

The best android tracker app has state of the art geo-fencing feature that can extensively restrict the movement of the kid into certain areas. The feature works when parent assigns a few areas as allowed and a few as forbidden for a visit by the child.

The allowed areas can be schools, friends’ places, and play grounds while the restricted premises can be clubs, casinos, and other crime prone areas that can erode the child’s moral virtues and values abruptly.

By using this feature, a number of parents have earned a fair control over their kids activities. If the child get involved in substandard activities and makes inappropriate friends, the feature can be used to fix the same issue.

Location tracking

The location tracker of the best android tracker app is above and beyond over the rest. The feature works by generating a log of all the movements taken up by the target child.

The log file gets saved to the online dashboard of the web portal of the spy app, the end-user can access the file at any point of time to know which locations have been visited by the target child during a certain course of time.

Social media monitoring

The social media is considered as the most common and vulnerable source of happening of criminals activities over the kids in the cyber space. There are countless number of unverified and unidentified users over the social networks who seek to trap the kids.

They look to get into the close circle of the kids to find out their secrets. After this, they exploit the kids over their secrets and ask them to share the financial credentials of their parents. If this happens, the whole family suffers a lot with respect to economic and financial dynamics.

Besides this, the kids also gets into social isolation by blaming his/herself for the suffering of the family,

Thus, the best phone tracker app TheOneSpy offers the parents a complete set of spying features that can be used to protect the respective interests of the family.

Logging internal storage

All the internal storage of the target android device can be extensively monitored for all the data and content. The images and videos stored over the phone can be viewed remotely from the end-user’s device.

The contacts and calendars can be tracked by all means. There is an added feature as well. A number of contacts that are considered as inappropriate and unsuitable for communication with the kid, can be blocked straight for any sort of communication.

The bookmarks, browsing history, and other browser functions of the target android device can be monitored by using the best android tracker app.

Surround recording through spy 360

This feature is truly amazing, it seeks to record all the surrounding happenings and whereabouts of the target device without any hassle.

The feature functions by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target device. In this manner, the parents find a meaningful insights into all the activities of the target child and they remain aware of their acquaintances and their friends.

The parents can also know the kids spend their leisure time with friends and other members in their social network.


The best android tracker app for parental control is TheOneSpy. The salient features of the app are discussed.