Bamboo fabric regulates temperature by retaining cold temperatures. Like linen or Lycra®, bamboo material is extremely breathable. It acts as a barrier against pollen and mud and kills bacteria on contact. Bamboo makes for a high-quality pillow, because it won’t cause you to sleep hot and won’t let allergens gather where you sleep.

It’s also a renewable and sustainable resource— just one of the various qualities that make this material eco-friendly.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the characteristics of bamboo pillows, the way to choose one for yourself, and in fact , we’ll break down six of our favourite bamboo pillows.

Guide to picking the simplest Bamboo Pillows

Now that you simply know you would like a bamboo pillow, your search goes to be a touch easier. But that doesn’t mean your shopping is completed . There are still other factors to think about before making a choice . Read on to find out about those options.

What is a Bamboo Pillow?

Bamboo pillows are named for the outer bamboo shell that holds the whole pillow together. Often called the pillow cover, the material is formed from fibers of the bamboo plant— a species of grass— and spun from thousands of yarn.

Unlike traditional pillows, typically crammed with cotton or alternative down, bamboo pillow has many loft from high-end, shredded memory foam or solid memory foam used because the fill. Density and elegance vary largely from pillow to pillow. The fill loft (For people who don’t know, loft may be a term wont to describe the peak of a pillow) and price will fluctuate from one pillow to subsequent , too.

All of those materials together create a hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and highly breathable sleeping experience.

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Different Bamboo Pillow Types

Solid memory foam bamboo pillows: These pillows are crammed with 100% memory foam pillow and have a bamboo cover. Because this pillow may be a bit thicker, denser, and more supportive, it’s best for side sleepers.

Solid memory foam pillows are usually firmer than loose-fill pillows. due to their support, they relieve neck pain by preventing your head from sinking too far down into the pillow.

Shredded memory foam bamboo pillows: These are the foremost popular bamboo pillow type— a minimum of , consistent with Amazon. The pillow’s natural fluff helps with contouring which caters to back sleepers by scooping and supporting the neck.

Even though these pillows have many loft, they still maintain a firm feel, which is why these pillows work so well for back and side sleepers.

Gel-infused shredded bamboo pillows: Gel-infused shredded memory foam adds to those pillow’s cooling properties. As a shredded pillow, it’s best for back and side sleepers. Unlike fiber-fill of down— which compresses completely upon impact— shredded foam only compresses in areas with pressure. In other words, pressure from the top will cause the froth to compress but the neck, which does have the maximum amount pressure, are going to be cradled and supported rather than left with no support in the least .

The coolness the pillow provides is another perk good for people who overheat.

Adjustable shredded memory foam bamboo pillows: By having the ability to shift the fabric inside, back and side sleepers can carve a notch within the pillow for the top to settle. This stops any unnecessary straining by allowing the top and neck to take a seat at a natural angle.

Who Can enjoy a Bamboo Pillow?

While everyone can enjoy a high-quality pillow, there are a couple of people that use these pillows to deal with more specific sleeping concerns.

Due to the naturally hypoallergenic nature of bamboo, people susceptible to allergies or skin irritations are the primary category of individuals that would greatly enjoy this pillow. Allergy-sufferers who use traditional bedding materials are susceptible to awakening with stuffy noses or irritation since traditional bedding materials attract and retain allergens.

To summarize, bamboo pillows are the right product for allergy relief. They encourage a hygienic sleeping surface by killing bacteria on contact.

While there isn’t a best bamboo pillow for everybody , these pillows do have varied traits which will cultivate great sleeping experiences for several different people. If you’d like other options, visit our greatest pillows post.