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In this article, comparison between four best business embroidery machines for business comes are mentioned. The following square measure the embroidery machines: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ocicrwfatLs


Ricoma MT-1502 could be a twin head business embroidery machine by Ricoma, it’s one amongst the simplest machines and appropriate for all embroidery wants.

Moreover; the simplest issue regarding MT-1502 is that it will embroider each tiny and hulking thing, as a result of it’s been redesigned to support a good stitching field space, which makes it handle even the troublesome embroidery areas.

Since MT-1502 supports an outsized form of hoops you’ll make sure of embroidering virtually something, it offers you twenty four hoops. Moreover; you get four cap rings, two cap drivers, and a hoop station. 

Dual-head Embroidery Machines:

Regardless of what you wish to embroider, whether or not it’s caps, flats, or bags, you’ll grasp all done by a Ricoma MT-1502 dual-head embroidery machine.

This dual-head embroidery machine options fifteen needles set at 1000spm. Another smartest thing regarding the machine is automatic thread trimmer and automatic color modification, and thread break detection. 

So, you are doing not need to worry regarding thread trimming or dynamic , or the breakage of the thread, MT-1502 will it all for you.

Key options at a glance:

  • Dual-head
  • fifteen needles set
  • Automatic color modification
  • Automatic thread trimming
  • Thread break detection
  • twenty four hoops set
  • four caps ring, two caps driver, and hoop station
  • 7” inches LCD bit screen panel
  • twenty million sew memory (200 designs)
  • Wide stitching field space (500mm x 360mm)
  • Weight 190kg
  • inherent universal power offer 220V/50HZ and 110V/60H

3) Ricoma-CHT2 1504-10.4S-W :

Ricoma is so one amongst the simplest embroidery machines and that we will ne’er underestimate the operating capability of it, Ricoma has made several single, dual, and multi-head embroidery machines that have revolutionized the embroidery digitizing market.

Besides the capabilities of Ricoma embroidery machines, you furthermore mght get to possess a third funding possibility, tutorials to urge started, a starter kit, and five years of warrant.

Ricoma CHT2 1504-10.4S-W could be a four heads embroidery machine that has you with fascinating workability, this embroidery machine has fifteen needles set that gives you 1000SPM speed.

You also get to possess a range of every kind of hoops, thus you are doing not need to worry regarding running out of choices. you’ll conjointly store fifty million stitches that’s similar to regarding two hundred styles.

Large embroidery Field : 

With Ricoma CHT2 1504-10.4S-W you get an outsized embroidery field that’s why you’ll embroider something you wish, it’s 500mm x four hundred metric linear unit that calculates to nineteen.7 x 17.7 inches that check that you’ll have your operating freedom.

Touch screen LCD:

Ricoma CHT2 1504-10.4S-W options High-Definition True-Color ten.4″ LCD bit Screen, that is even larger and higher in color reception. you’ll navigate through many choices and edit, upload, and act along with your styles.

Also, there square measure many various choices that you just will operate LCD panels like, startup, needle modification, frame out, production statistics, embroidery progress, and heaps a lot of.

Key features at a glance:

  • 4 heads
  • 15 needles set
  • High-Definition True-Color 10.4″ LCD Touch Screen
  • 500mm x 400 embroidery field area
  • 1000SPM speed
  • Weight 680kg
  • Power consumption 0.5KW
  • 50 million stitch capacity (200 designs)
  • Variety of hoops
  • 2 cap rings per head, cap driver, hoop station

2) Tajima-TMAR-KC TYPE2:

Along with different respectable embroidery machines, Tajima has gained a good name, they need been able to turn out several embroidery machines for each industrial and residential usage.

The TMAR-KC kind two is additionally a well known embroidery series and there square measure several models that square measure value mentioning.

We square measure conveyance K1506C underneath our discussion, it’s one amongst the simplest models that offer you with fairly sensible speed, it’s vi heads and it offers you fifteen needles.

Another sensible issue regarding Tajima K1506C is their embroidery area that gives you 450 x 360 that provides you ample area to hold out your embroidery work.

Along with the operating area you get good needle drive speed, Tajima kilocycle per second kind two offers you regarding 1100 rev.

K1505C has 470W power consumption.

Touch screen LCD:

Moreover; in addition, Tajima gives you a bright LED option that enhances the needle view and improves working.Tajima K1505C also features a sharp LCD touch screen panel that you can utilize to operate through several options.

Position Marker :

Also, in Tajima embroidery machines you get a position marker that shows you a needle hole which is usually hidden by fabric, but it is illuminated for your ease, and you can determine the needle position pretty easily.


With Tajima K1505C you also get border frames, cap frames, and pocket frames, so embroidering any item is not an issue at all.

Key features at a glance:

  • 6 heads
  • 15 needles set
  • Embroidery space 450 x 360 
  • Head interval 500
  • The maximum revolution of 1100 rpm
  • Power consumption 470W
  • Power supply 3 phase 200votls and single-phase 100/200volts
  • Includes border frame, cap frame, pocket frame
  • LED light
  • Position marker
  • Touch screen operational panel

1) Happy-HCR3 1506:

Our last but surely not the least embroidery machine is Happy-HCR3 1506. This is another best embroidery machine that can fulfill your industrial standard.

It is the most popular and quite efficient commercial machine that is capable of dealing with your professional project with quite ease. It has production power, not only it is fast but also it is quiet which makes it different from other embroidery machines.

Touch screen LCD:

Happy-HCR3 1506 features a 10” inches LCD touch screen panel that is loaded with features and you can gain access to multiple things, settings, and navigate through options.

You can also use the LCD screen to see design placement, sewing information, design trace, one-touch frame out. And you can control position, speed, and almost every aspect of your embroidery.


Happy-HCR3 1506 gives you a full tabular set that includes 12 hoops of different sizes, (2 hoops of each size per head). You also get cap sewing equipment and toolkits.

Stitching speed:

In terms of machine performance, it offers you 1100 SPM and on the cap, it gives about 1000SPM, and the max needle distance is 360mm. You also get 40 million stitches storage which is acceptable for your industrial projects.

Additional Features:

Some additional features include built-in USB networking and USB ports, screen customization with your most used applications, and key sewing information.

Happy-HCR3 1506 consumes 410Watt power which is energy efficient, and it supports 220Volts single-phase frequency at 50 to 60Hertz.

The machine weighs 1826lbs and it also comes with a 5 years warranty which ensures the quality for you.

Key features at a glance:

  • 6 head
  • 15 needles set
  • 10” inches vivid quality touch screen panel
  • 40 million stitches storage
  • 410Watt power consumption
  • USB networking
  • 12 hoops of different sizes; 12 x 12cm, 12 x 15cm, 12 x 18cm, 12 x 32cm (2 hoops per head)
  • 1100spm normal, 1000spm cap sewing
  • Cap sewing equipment
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Weight 1826lbs

These are main features of 4 best industrial embroidery machines.


So, make sure you know what you are getting into before you purchase an embroidery machine and before you buy it look for every feature, pros, and cons so that you can work with it efficiently.

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