If you have finally decided to digitalize all the documents of your company, this means your business is prospering. But often this process can get tiring and confusing. Hence, one of the best tasks to get your digitalization process smooth is to get a tool for the process. 

Earlier when technology was not so advanced, even the big companies with a higher number of documents had to manage their documents in paper form. Of course, by then the professionals must be thinking about how to make this process smoother. Soon enough with the advancement in technology, here comes the option of document storage software to do all these tasks. 

Benefits of using Document Storage Software

There are a number of companies today that hire service providers such as Softage that offers a document storage system. But on the other hand, there are also many such companies who wish to have their own software. So, how does such software actually help? Here are some of the benefits of using such software. 

  • Better Storage:

Of course, the most important benefit of using the software is better storage. Manual documents are difficult to manage and they occupy a lot of space. But when you have digital documents, you can store them in the software system without much hassle. 

  • Cloud Computing:

The generation of cloud computing has no doubt brought in a number of facilities. You can share any file instantly despite the distance. You can even work with your colleague on the same file from two different locations. Integration, signature, and many other features have made lives easier.  

  • Better Security:

Also, apart from the above benefits, the document storage system offers great security. You can protect a secret file with a password or can convert it into a format from where no one can steal data. 

Thus, there are different benefits for which many companies are making use of the document storage software. 

But which software is best? This can be a difficult selection. 

Well, here are some of the best document management software options for the year 2021 to go for. 


Infinity is one of the best solutions currently due to its customization option. Also, the software is extremely strict in terms of security. The features of encryption and auto-backup make sure that your documents are safe in the software. You can also convert the files into CSV format and then can delete them whenever you need. 

Apart from security, another element in Infinity is customization. You can make use of different features so that the documents can display in different formats. Infinity does not just stop here at document management. It comes with the option of Zapier integration that offers you access to several other third-party applications too. 

Some of the other features of this software are filters, customizable attributes, team collaboration, task management, activity tracking, and many more. 


If you are looking for a document management system for your business, Bitrix24 is one of the best options. The software offers a combination of functions such as communicative tools and also tools for CRM, task management, and others. The best thing about this software is that it offers a cloud system for easy management of documents. 

Bitrix24 is popular now among small as well as large business holdings. A large number of clients from different sectors such as travel, transportation, storage, retail, legal, and others make use of this software. One of the major reasons for the popularity of this software is that it is absolutely free to use. 

Some of the eminent features of the software are notifications, task templates, report builders, project workgroups, and others. 

Process Street:

If you are looking for a cloud-based document management software, then Process Street is one option that you can rely upon surely. It is due to its cloud-based features that you can track the activities of your employees on the documents. Also, you can create work templates, track the progress, and can have team collaborations. 

The software offers an extremely extraordinary security system where you can give access approval to the users. Also, you can select from the options of single-time access or multiple accesses for different users on a particular document. 

Process Street offers a vast number of features such as data import, spreadsheets, task management, data filtering, statistics, and others. It also offers Zapier integration to enjoy many other features through different third-party applications. 


OnlyOffice is specifically for small and middle-size business houses. The interface of the software of clean and the features are quite easy to use. Whether it is about creating a template, making revisions, or finalizing a document, everything is quite simple with the use of this software. One of the best elements that you will find is that you can edit a document with a chatbox integration in it.

Another great option in this software is that you can integrate with your cloud-based options such as Google or Dropbox. Some of the other features that you can use in the software are API, authentication, data encryption, document comparison, customization, chart creation, task automation, and others.

SharePoint Online:

Here comes another strong document management software in terms of usability and security. This software from Microsoft is no doubt one of the most famous options today. Users may find it to be a bit overwhelming because it has a lot of other features too apart from just document management. 

Along with document storage and management, some of the other tasks that the software offers are team collaboration and customizable workflow. The software also allows you to create different sites with a document library, notebooks, and specific security. 

Some other features of the software are cloud storage, mobile application, effective automation, and many others. 

So, here are the five best document management software options for the year 2021. But the list does not just end here. There are many more such software options that you can make use of such as DocuWare, Hightail, Rubex, Adobe Document, and many others. All you need to do is to check through the features and then select the right document storage software according to your requirements.