Art is a way to connect humans across time and space. A beautiful painting can make you feel the same exact emotions as someone who saw it 500 years ago. Such is the power of art. It can evoke emotions, fascinate the mind, and arouse passions. 

Many men have shied away from artistic pursuits thinking that it wasn’t a “manly” thing. Such thoughts are changing and men are now more open to appreciating art and showing their love to all things artistic. 

When you are gifting something to a man who loves art, you are no doubt nervous about what to give. You want your gift to be appreciated just like he appreciates other art. But choosing something like that is not child’s play. 

You need to know his tastes, his likes and dislikes, and what evokes the strongest emotions in him (well, positive ones at least). In order to give you some inspiration, we have made a small list of gifts that you can give to a consummate art lover. 

Keep in mind, a person who loves art isn’t necessarily someone who is artistically inclined. They might just love appreciating art instead of having a desire to make any of their own. 


The easiest gift to choose is to choose another art piece that you can gift. It doesn’t have to be any particular kind of art either. Anything that they might appreciate would make for a good gift. If the art is somehow connected to you or them, then that is even better.  Try to avoid giving art pieces that feature just your own face as a gift. Some might really appreciate it while others might find it self-absorbed. 

Stay at a Fine-Arts Hotel 

Fine Arts hotels are hotels that combine museums with traditional hotels. They are decorated with carefully curated art and decorations. A stay in such a hotel is an experience worth having at least once. After all, many people go to museums but how many get to claim that they have slept inside of one? 

An Art Class 

Giving an art lover an opportunity to develop their own talents in any kind of art is something that is both simple yet effective. Learning the process and technique behind each of their favorite pieces is a fascinating experience. Even if they don’t come out of it the next master in their art form, they will still have a memorable experience that they went through. 


Art lovers are a unique breed. They appreciate the beauty in things that we make and in the world in general. By giving them a gift  from a card store like  Pop up Cards Direct  that they will remember and appreciate, you are just adding to the list of things that they will continue to admire on occasion like Christmas