Unlike Windows operating system, Mac doesn’t require a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Mac is known best for its security features that keep it away from malicious infections and malware but we still need to clean cache, cookies, temp files, browsing history and other clutter on a regular basis. The manual process may be tiring and tedious yet can’t assure us the best of the results. Here comes the best Mac cleaning software into play!

These Best Mac cleaners can automatically optimize and clean up the clutter on Mac and keep it as good as new. We have tested, reviewed, compared and listed dozens of Mac cleaning software and chose the Top 3 Mac cleaner apps that you can trust in 2021.

  •  If Your Mac Is:
  • Filling up your disk space
  • Giving you performance issues
  • Slow and unresponsive at times
  • Filled up with browser cookies and history
  • Not accepting commands on time
  • Running out of RAM (Memory)

You need to get the best app to clean Mac and optimize your operating system!

CleanMyMac X5Quick & Deep Scan of the entire Hard Drive
List out Large Files, Old Files to free up space
Clear Cache, Cookies, Browsing History in Single Click
Fixes System Issues and App Errors
Inbuilt Malware Remover
Free/$34.95 Per Year77.5 MB4.8.2
Disk Clean Pro4.5One-Click Optimization & Cleaning
Removes Junk Files, Cache Cookies, Clutter
Automated Cleaning of Crash Reports & Partial Downloads
Multiple Inbuilt Optimization Tools for Cleanup
Removes Hidden Files & Clutter
$26.99 Per Year2.1 MB11.2.3
TuneUpMyMac4.2One-Click Optimization & Cleaning
Clears Logs, Cookies, Cache, Browsing History, etc.
Optimize and Manage Startup Apps for Quick Boot
App Optimizer and Cleaner for Broken Links
Inbuilt Shredder to Clean Confidential Files
Free/$49.95 Per Year7.8 MB1.25

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is one of the best Mac Cleaner Apps that you can use in 2021 to clean, optimize and tune up your Mac. It is one smart solution for a sluggish Mac and cleans up all the clutter with a single click. It automatically runs a smart scan and lists out all the clutter like System Junk, Email’s attachments, Trash Bins, Malware, Privacy Traces, Etc. You can also use other inbuilt utilities like App Uninstaller, App Updater, Extension Manager, Large & Old Files Scanner, Shredder, etc. to give a complete optimization to your Mac.

CleanMyMac X Features

  • Find and remove junk files, hidden cache, cookies, background apps
  • Block adware, malware, infected extensions, browsing popups, or malicious content
  • Inbuilt performance monitor, macOS cleaner, Malware remover and other useful tools
  • One-stop solution for cleaning, optimization and protection of your Mac
  • Free version restricts cleaning up to a maximum size of 500 MB
  • Compatible with macOS 10.10 or later

Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro has adaptive scanning and optimization process that cleans your Mac without utilizing much of your system resources. This intuitive feature makes it one of the best apps to clean Mac in 2021. Disk Clean Pro is also available on App Store and offers one-click optimization, cleaning and maintenance. You can remove junk files, cache, cookies, browsing history, log files, crash reports, partially downloaded files, old bulky files, redundant data, duplicate files, old backup files, email downloads, etc. there are several inbuilt utilities to perform complete optimization of your Mac and make it as good as new.

Disk Clean Pro Features

  • Multiple inbuilt utilities to declutter your Mac and perform Tuneup
  • User-friendly interface, one-click optimization, fast & intuitive cleanup process
  • Cleans duplicate files, old/large/useless files, partial downloads, and browsing cache
  • Keeps an eye on internet privacy, crash reports and system log files
  • Light-weight app, doesn’t use much of your system resources
  • Compatible with macOS 10.7 or later


TuneUpMyMac is one of the fastest and multipurpose Mac cleaners that offers proper optimization, cleaning and protection from malicious attacks. It performs deep cleaning of user cache files, log files, redundant app leftover, unwanted language packs of local applications and more. It offers complete optimization and cleans duplicate files from your hard drive and other connected storage devices. App uninstaller removes unwanted apps and associated files completely from the system. Optimize startup items and manage your applications that need to be loaded during startup. You can enable or disable applications from the startup manager.

TuneUpMyMac Features

  • Finds and removes duplicate files that occupy unwanted space on the disk
  • Offers Internet Privacy by cleaning your browsing history from all the browsers
  • Cleans old/partial downloads, old iTunes backup, large files, and redundant system files
  • Delete confidential files permanently using inbuilt Shredder that can’t be recovered
  • Uninstall unwanted applications and remove unwanted associated files
  • Compatible with macOS 10.7 or later

 Summing Up

 Cleaning and optimization are a time taking exercise and needs to be performed on a regular interval. The manual process of cleaning demands opening different folders, giving commands and opening applications. We can’t perform complete manual optimization on a regular basis and hence require Mac cleaner applications. Not just any Mac cleaner can do the task as required. This rundown of the best Mac cleaning software can offer you complete peace of mind. Get the best app to clean Mac and keep your Mac as good as new!