Welcome, side sleepers! If you’re reading this, meaning you’re well on your thanks to finding the pillow that completely supports you in your go-to position. Yes, it’s true that there are actually many side-sleeper pillows out there, but I’ve saved you a while and energy by rounding up the 9 side-sleeping accessories that i feel are absolutely the best.

So prepare , folks, because I’m close to take you thru my Best Pillows for Side Sleepers review! during this guide, I’ll offer you an in depth check out the ten pillows that i feel are best for side sleeping, and allow you to in on my very own methodology behind pillow-shopping. Let’s go!

Before we dive into the small print of every pillow, let’s discuss the methodology behind my picks. Of course, tons comes right down to personal preference, but there are some key factors to think about when looking for the best cooling pillow for side sleepers


When I’m buying a side-sleeper pillow, the very very first thing I concentrate to is that the loft, or height, of its profile. and therefore the general rule of thumb is that side sleepers need a pillow with a better loft (of a minimum of 4-inches) so as to take care of neutral spine alignment and relieve pressure at the shoulders.

If you’re shopping online, scroll through the brand’s website to seek out the “dimensions” info so as to work out the precise loft of a pillow. Again, the loft should be a minimum of 4-inches high. But if you’ve taken advantage of a brand’s test period and are testing the pillow reception , ask yourself these questions:

  • is that this pillow lofty enough to stay my spine in neutral alignment?
  • is that this pillow so lofty that it cranes my neck upwards, out of alignment with my spine?
  • is that this pillow’s loft providing enough pressure relief for my shoulder?

Remember — your pillow’s most vital job is to market healthy posture, and a side-sleeper pillow should be lofty enough to carry your head in neutral alignment together with your spine. For more info about healthy sleeping posture, make certain to see out my guide to picking the simplest pillow for your position.


The next thing I check out is firmness. In my opinion, loft and firmness go hand in hand. Why? Well, consider it this way: A high-lofted pillow won’t stay lofty for long if it’s too soft to take care of its shape. and therefore the softer a pillow is, the more it’s getting to compress under the load of your head.

That’s why side sleepers need a pillow with a firmer level of support! A pillow with a medium-firm or firm rating goes to try to to a far better job of maintaining its loft, which serves to stay your head aligned together with your neck and spine.

Adjustable Fill

Lastly, I consider fill. It’s not mandatory, but choosing a pillow with an adjustable fill allows you to control the loft and firmness so as to suit your exact needs. Again, this isn’t necessary and it’s not specific to side sleepers, but you’ll find that having the ability to customize the interior fill of your pillow helps you reach your perfect temperature .

For example, if you discover your king cooling pillow to be too lofty or firm, simply unzip the duvet and take away the maximum amount internal fill as you wish . In my experience, it can take a touch trial and error so as to seek out the right level of support but, trust me, good sleep is well worth the effort.

Once you’ve landed on the loft and firmness that best support you, you’re able to specialise in more specific preferences. for instance , does one need a pillow that feels warm or cool? Bouncy or moldable? in any case , there’s a good world of pillows out there, and it’s worthwhile to require every factor into consideration so as to unlock your best sleep potential!