We’re looking for a highly-skilled Software Architect to direct our development staff in producing software solutions that satisfy our customers’ requirements. You’ll be responsible for communication with customers to ascertain their needs, producing comprehensive alternative programs, and directing a group of software engineers as they create polished final goods.

To become successful as a Software Architect, you should be a professional problem solver with a solid comprehension of the extensive variety of software platforms and technologies out there. Top candidates may also be exceptional leaders and communicators.

Creating high quality product specifications and design files.

Supplying the development group with architectural designs to follow.

Guiding and helping the development team during the procedure.

Troubleshooting and solving issues with design or coding.

Ensuring you and the staff adhere to growth deadlines and schedules.

Presenting routine progress reports and establishing goals.

Analyzing the last product to ensure it’s totally operational and meets demands.

Monitoring software solutions as needed.

Extensive knowledge in software development and project administration.

Strong comprehension of various programming applications and development systems.

Outstanding organizational and leadership skills.

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Software Architect project description template

This Software Architect project description template can allow you to save time, draw qualified applicants and employ finest workers.

To be able to draw Software Architects that best fits your own requirements, it’s extremely important to compose a very clear and exact Software Architect task description.

Software Architect project profile

Software Architects are software specialists who create design decisions, organize and manage technical criteria, such as software programming criteria, applications, and programs.

Software Architect project description: Intro

The software Architect project description should start with an intriguing, eye catching introduction.

The software Architect project description should include the following responsibilities and duties:

Work together with other IT professionals in the organization so as to determine requirements for new softwareprograms, platforms and software

Use tools, engineering and assorted methods to make intuitive and functional solutions for consumer interfaces of desirable products

Create and execute product specifications

concentrate focus on platform integration, competencies and competencies

Handle all stages of engineering advancement

Oversee and supervise the utilization of this development group

Guide and educate programmers and engineers

Suggest and execute options for process development

Stick to all of the guidelines and requirements for quality, safety, extensibility etc..

Software Architect project description: Job demands and credentials

The software Architect project description should include the following prerequisites and credentials:

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Software Architect duties include:

Collaborating with other specialists to determine operational and non-functional demands for new software or software

Utilizing methodologies and tools to make representations for both functions and user friendly interface of desirable product

Creating high-level product specifications together with focus to platform integration and feasibility

Job short

We’re searching for a seasoned Software Architect to produce intuitive high level choices for software creation. You will realize that the”big picture” and make architectural strategies for software implementation and design to steer the development group.

A fantastic software builder has a solid technical foundation and excellent IT skills. They’re experienced in designing and have ability to come up with a unified vision for software functions and characteristics.

The target is to supply a frame for the growth of a software or platform which is going to end in high quality IT solutions.

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Collaborate with other specialists to determine operational and non-functional demands for new software or software

Utilize methodologies and tools to make representations for both functions and user friendly interface of desirable product

Create high-level product specifications along with focus to platform integration and feasibility

Define all aspects of advancement from proper workflow and technology to coding criteria

highlighting successfully all guidelines and concepts to development staff

Oversee advancement of development staff to guarantee consistency with first design

Provide technical advice and training to programmers and engineers

Make sure software fulfills all demands of quality, safety, modifiability, extensibility etc..


Proven experience as software programmer

Expertise in software programming and development in a Variety of languages (C#, .NET, Java etc.. )

Outstanding Understanding of software and software design and structure

Outstanding Understanding of UML and other modeling techniques

Familiarity using HTML/CSS, JavaScript and also UI/UX layout

Knowing of software quality assurance fundamentals

A specialized mindset with Fantastic attention to detail

high-quality organizational and leadership abilities

Outstanding communication and presentation capabilities

MSc/MA in computer science, technology or applicable field

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There are, however, many common main duties for almost all Software Architects. An overview of project listings identified that the following core activities and obligations.

Build Software Solutions

Software Architects have to have the ability to assess and identify software alternatives. Their tasks often start by working with a customer to discuss the things that they want their custom made software to perform or studying poor-behaving software and finding ways to enhance it. If creating customer goods, they might look at comparable existing products and also find methods to enhance them revolutionize them. Software Architects should conduct research, collect information, interpret information, then create an answer.

Many Software Architects will probably be expected to function as the lead individual on all software development jobs. This might consist of developing a group of employees acceptable for the reach of the undertaking, assigning responsibilities to the employees, developing a deadline for your job, and doing cost analysis and marketing purposes.

Documentation is a really significant part this Software Architect’s project. Every facet of a machine or program has to be completely recorded. Software Architects have to have the ability to communicate well through writing and also be in a position to make flowcharts and diagrams.

Training and Organizing one’s development group is a frequent requirement of this Software Architect. They’re anticipated share their abilities and experience with their employees in addition to establish a positive example for them. They have to have the ability to encourage their staff members to think creatively in addition to keep them inspired.

A successful Software Architect has to be technically-inclined, a fantastic problem-solver, and have excellent interpersonal relationship abilities. They’re fantastic leaders and are really dependable. They should also function under stress and tight deadlines. Besides these characteristics, employers search for candidates with these skills.

Core abilities : Based on project listings we looked in, companies need Software Architect with all these core abilities. If you would like to work within this discipline, concentrate on the next.

Advanced abilities : Even though many companies didn’t need these abilities, multiple project listings contained them as favored. Add these to a skillset and expand your career choices.