The preference of majority of the android users is to enjoy the default keyboard app that is usually pre-installed on the device. However, there is a quite extensive variety and variants available to install land use the third party keyboards for android devices that can be downloaded from google paly store. These keyboards are quite fascinating and highly customized with variety in themes and new features. This is the reason mobile app services in USA are also adopting these interesting and extensive variants.

There is a fear of malware found in majority of the target audience. There are also a huge range of keyboards for android that are very secure and have extensive range of quality features. Here are a few amazing and catchy keyboards suggested for android discuss. Let’s explore them out!


It is one of the best keyboards suggested for Android it is mostly used and preferred these days. Around 250 million users have downloaded this app and they are quiet happy with their experience. Currently SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft with a pretty handsome investment. The most significant feature of the best keyboard app is that it is mainly use for artificial intelligence.

The functionality of this app is super impressive that it is able to predict the next word that will be use very wisely. The software is so smart it tends to learn your pattern and adapt to it very easily. You can easily find a good range of extensive themes a very updated inbuilt GIF search engine, separate number rows and emoji’s. You can easily enjoy the bilingual tying as well. SwiftKey also feature auto-correct along with a gesture typing feature. It has a strong privacy policy.

Download SwiftKey keyboard Android app

Swype Keyboard

Swype is among those amazing keyboards for android that delivers explicit results with time. It was created back in 2002 which was eventually acquired by the Nuance Communication from there its development was started. The android keyboard app is pretty similar to the experience of the SwiftKey keyboard and its functionality. It has an interesting feature where the algorithms can learn your unique pattern of vocabulary. It will easily predict the new words based on your past experience. This extensive keyboard app for Android have an extensive range of themes and emoji’s. You can also enjoy the bilingual support indeed it is one of the most demanded and preferred approach.

Swype also works intelligently as it uses error-correction algorithm and a language model to learn your unique vocabulary. Just like SwiftKey, it predicts your words based on your previous usage. This keyboard app for Android contains a vast collection of themes and emoji. It has bilingual support and lets you enter words from two languages at once. No doubt, this feature is quite helpful for the users. The dragon dictation is known as one of its best key feature as it provides accurate and quick speech-to-text capability.

Download Swype keyboard Android app


Gboard is the recent google updated application for its valued android users. It is one of the best keyboard used for android users in regards to speed, gesture typing, voice typing and reliability. The recent update covers a highly integrated Google search engine. This app is also known for suggesting interesting emoji’s and GIFs. The additional functions include dark theme, add on of a personal image as the keyboard background, voice dictation, phrase prediction, and hand-drawn emoji recognition. It also supports multilingual typing with a combination of 100 languages. The best thing about Gboard is that it is a highly feature rich keyboard app. Also, it is completely free of cost to download.

Download Gboard keyboard Android app

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard is known for its flexibility and fastest user interface. It also has a world record for its typing speed that too twice. It helps you to write in less time with its next-generation auto-correct along with a gesture control. This app also has a swipe gesture. This features helps to add a standard control function including space, delete, punctuation and corrections. The app s known for having 50 different variants of color themes. You can get your hands on a vast variety of up to 800 GIFS, emoji’s, etc. You have the accessibility to create shortcut, navigate the apps right from the keyboard and easily access the number row as well.

This is the best app if you are tired of ads as it doesn’t play any annoying ads while you are using the keyboard app.

Download Flesky keyboard Android app


If you are an android user and you are tired of same old boring keyboard. You can always use some of the best trending and amazing third party keyboards. To add fun and get the work done in less time.