The connection between employees is essential for the success of a workplace. Sharing entertainment is an essential component of fostering warm relationships and loyalty to a business. Remote work has made it more difficult to foster such relationships and businesses are concerned about the cohesiveness of their workforce. Businesses cannot rely solely on annual get-togethers and need to think of ways to provide employees with exciting ways to communicate online or they risk losing employee loyalty and connection.

Get Some Class provides a whole new world of innovative, rich virtual team fun. Every class is unique and a carefully designed program that is optimized to provide virtual social experiences. Every participant will be treated to an incredible, lavish package. The most popular events are “Wine, Dine, and Rhyme” A culinary experience that combines steak cooking and a gourmet experience complete with an ingredients kit, paired wine, and a blow-your-mind away hip-hop artist to entertain you over dinner. (Vegan fish, kosher, and other choices are also available.) “Coral Creations” is an art night experience for virtual team-building featuring renowned environmental artist, Nikolina Kovalenko. Nikolina displays her stunning coral reef paintings and then guides the participants to create stunning underwater environments. Get Some Class also hosts an event that is perfect for chess enthusiasts exploring the chess games of The Queen’s Gambit, a Netflix series. The participants begin the event by creating the Gibson Martini which Beth Harmon drinks in the hit Netflix series. Then, they will join US Women’s Chess Champions Irina Krush and Jennifer Shahade for an exploration of chess in the series.

With a variety of unique and fun team-building activities, is rapidly becoming the most popular choice for an exciting and engaging interaction with team members as well as for field-based marketing virtual success events. These virtual events have proven to be a wonderful alternative to a night out with customers or team members when companies are working remotely.

Field marketers, as well as client success managers, are finding Get Some Class programs and packages to be a wonderfully effective way to connect with new prospects with a high value or build upon existing client relationships.

It’s time to Get some class

Get Some Class offers a number of high-end virtual team-building games activities. Joseph Gerstel, a Harvard lawyer and Founder and CEO of Get Some Class, has created a range of unique and innovative web-based experiences that help teams join and enjoy a memorable time. Be on the lookout for more exciting programs from this young and exciting company.