Bollywood Blockbusters

Films from the Tamil and Telugu film industries are sometimes “remade” by Bollywood filmmakers. This is an undeniable fact that moviegoers, mostly Bollywood fans, are well aware of. However, this was not always the case. For a long time, the situation was the opposite. During the 1970s, when Hindi cinema was at its height, mainstream Bollywood films were often remade in the south. After the filmmakers of that era hung up their hats, things went haywire in Bollywood. 

That’s not to say the recent Bollywood films aren’t remade in the south. On the other hand, there have been a host of excellent Hindi films remade in Tamil, Telugu, and other South Indian film industries. They each had their own distinct flavours and nuances, but the storyline and premise were inspired by Bollywood originals. Checkout Kerala Max, if you want to watch South Indian movies sitting at your home. Services like Kerala Max can also help you watch amazing South Indian movies which you love.The following are eight films that have been remade in the Southern film industry, mainly due to their convincing plots.


Nerkonda Paarvai is the Tamil remake of this fantastic film. Pink is now considered to be one of India’s greatest films of the last decade. It featured some outstanding performances and was incredibly believable. The plot was undoubtedly the hero of the film, as was the handling of the plot. Ajith took on the part of Amitabh Bachchan in the Tamil remake. Clearly, this one needed to be remade.

Delhi Belly

Settai is the Tamil remake of Delhi Belly. Delhi Belly was a rugged film that almost everyone thoroughly loved. This is another one of those films with a good narrative and storyline that performed admirably for a low-budget production, particularly when you remember that no A-list actors were cast in the film.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Green Signal is a remake of Pyaar Ka Punchnama produced by Telugu film industry artists.As controversial and misogynistic as Pyaar Ka Punchnama has been over time, there is no denying that when it first came out, a large number of people truly loved the film and related to the plot. If some people are to be believed, the Telugu remake, Green Signal, attempted to replicate the same but failed.


Manithan, a remake of Jolly LLB, was produced by Tamil film industry artists. For a variety of reasons, Jolly LLB was a really endearing film. It featured a cast of incredible actors, a compelling plot, and a beautifully crafted screenplay. Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani were flawless. The Tamil remake, while not as funny as the original, is still a strong film.


Anaamika, a remake of Kahani starring Vidya Balan, was produced by Telugu film industry artists. Kahani did okay at the box office, but it was a huge hit on OTT and TV. That also goes to show how well-written the storey was. Then there was Vidya Balan’s success, of course. The Telugu version of the film takes place in Hyderabad and incorporates the ethnic complexities that the Nizams’ capital has to bring. In any other way, though, it closely resembles the Bollywood version.

Khosla Ka Ghosla

Poi Solla Porom, a remake of Khosla Ka Ghosla, was produced by Telugu film industry artists. It’s a low-budget film, but it’s one of the best you’ll ever see! The film Khosla Ka Ghosla is absolutely outstanding. It’s a true comedy that also serves as a biting satire on a variety of important social problems that the average Indian may face. This one, of course, had to be remade. Nowadays, watching movies at the comfort of your own home, sitting on a couch or laying on bed. Services like Kerala Max can watch some amazing South Indian movies.

A Wednesday

Artists from the Telugu and Tamil film industries collaborated on Eenadu and Unnaipol Oruvan, which is a remake of A Wednesday, one of the best films ever released. Yes, both the Tamil and Telugu film industries remade A Wednesday. Is it really necessary for us to explain why? Without a doubt, it is one of India’s best films, with a tale that needs to be heard in any part of the world where terrorism is a problem.

Three Idiots

Nanban, a remake of 3 Idiots, was produced by Tamil film industry artists. For a long time, 3 Idiots was held up as the gold standard for a successful Hindi film, and rightly so. It wasn’t until recently that we began to notice some of the film’s flaws. Nonetheless, it was a hilarious film that was also very touching at times. And there was the film’s box office and cable box office success. This one, of course, was going to be remade.