If you are in the market to buy a house, it is very likely that you will soon need to get your home inspection. This usually means that some person comes into your house and checks for things like electrical issues, plumbing problems, pest infestation (bugs), etc. There are many different types of inspectors but one specific type of inspector should be discussed; this inspector would be the termite inspection company inspector. Pest Control Mandurah

The termite inspector has an extremely important job because they are checking for something that can cause huge damage or even destroy your house if not found! Pest control companies who do inspections use the ASTM D-1788 standard which describes all steps to take when inspecting your home. The inspection itself is simple but also must be done correctly and completely in order to find issues like:

– Subterranean termites (dampwood and drywood varieties)

– Drywood termites (only need wood to survive; not damp or wet areas)

– Pavement ant colonies (they can damage wooden structures such as porches, decks, fences, etc.)

The exterior of the house needs to be checked for anything that might indicate a colony is living there. This includes mud tubes (these are used by termites to travel under the ground from their colony ‘home’ up into your house!), swarms around the exterior of the home, a hollow sounding thump when a wall is tapped with a hammer , excessive digging near any wooden structures on your property, etc. Pest control inspectors should also check for any wood that looks as if it might be infested. This includes checking the wooden areas of decks, porches, fences, etc. for anything unusual such as swarms or mud tubes.

– Swarms are when a termite ‘buzzes’ and flies away from a spot on a structure where there is a colony living inside! Pest control companies do not identify the type of termite because only an entomologist can correctly identify which species they are looking at; in most cases it does not matter unless you have an extremely dangerous species in your area (western drywood termites or Formosan subterranean termites).

– A hollow thump when tapping on the wall is a good indication that there is a termite infestation inside of the wall! Pest control inspectors will drill into the spot and place a chemical in order to kill any termites that may be inside.

– Excessive digging near wooden structures can indicate that pests are nesting or living inside and they need to find wood to survive! Pest control companies will drill into this area and use chemicals to kill off these colonies. Pest Control in Mandurah

The interior of your house also needs to be checked for any signs of an infestation such as mud tubes, swarming spots (especially around windows or potted plants), etc. Pests like ants should also be looked for as they may try to come inside from other areas on your property.