CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera surveillance is increasing in Worldwide, as more and more homeowners want to protect their belongings. Oftentimes, homeowners attach a surveillance CCTV camera to the front door. But many do not know that a surveillance system is also subject to certain rules in the private sector. We give tips on what is forbidden.

Anyone who has a surveillance system camera installed in their home is also happy to use an outdoor Wi-Fi. But is that even allowed? In principle, camera surveillance interferes with the rights of third parties as soon as you use the camera to monitor the neighboring property or public roads. Specifically, these are the right to one’s own image and the right to informal self-determination. But what does that mean?

 The right to informal self-determination:

The right to informal self-determination is understood to mean the right to generally decide for oneself about the disclosure and use of personal data. In case law, it was derived from the general right of personality.

The right to one’s own image:

The right to one’s own image is an even sharper expression of the right to informal self-determination. The right to one’s own picture means that every person (regardless of age) can determine for themselves whether pictures of them may be published. And of course, everyone has the right to decide in which context a picture may be published.

Weighing up the rights of third parties and video surveillance

When setting up video surveillance, privacy protection is just as important as the homeowner’s interest in protecting his property. In any case, they must be weighed up by proportionality. So, a weighing up of which interests weigh more heavily – the protection of property or privacy.

Camera function to protect privacy:

The IP cameras from LUPUS Electronics have a so-called “privacy masking” function. With this setting, image areas of the live image as well as of recordings can be blackened. So always check after installing a camera whether you are violating the rights of third parties. In this case, align the camera or use the privacy zone settings to blacken critical areas of the image.

What can I install camera surveillance for?

Basically, of course, everyone can do what they want with their property. At least as long as he abides by the law. The installation of video surveillance is also entirely legitimate. The installation of an alarm system in combination with video surveillance makes perfect sense in order to strengthen burglary protection. However, it is important that certain rules are adhered to during video surveillance.

 What kind of camera surveillance is allowed?

 Basically, camera surveillance is allowed as long as no third-party rights are affected and it is evident that an area is video-monitored.

The safety technology for video surveillance must be installed so that the neighboring property does not film. Also, the public space (street, parking, etc.) are taboo. The same applies if you share your driveway to the property with your neighbor. Even then, you are not allowed to monitor this area.

Regardless of whether there is an outdoor detector or even a camera with a motion night vision camera with a motion detector installed: those affected must be able to recognize that video surveillance is taking place. So, if you are filming or even a video camera installing a dummy, you have to put up a notice or a barrier. And this outside of the filmed area!

In addition, it should be noted that those affected must also recognize changes in the camera alignment. These special cameras, which pan in one area, for example, must always be able to recognize outsiders.

Keeping an eye on the important things. Video surveillance – simple and secure.

Excellent image quality combined with unique ease of use. LUPUS video products focus on the things that matter: They ensure more security at home and provide protection against break-ins in shops, industrial yards or petrol stations. In transport and traffic, modern technology brings video surveillance light into dark corners or controls your production and supply chains. LUPUS surveillance cameras and video recorders are intuitive to use and install. They can be quickly adjusted to the purpose that is actually at stake: to make our lives easier, more comfortable and, above all, safer. With innovative apps and modern software, you can access your camera functions live via tablet, smartphone, PC or MAC. With LUPUS surveillance cameras and recorders, you acquire high-quality video technology for every application – designed.

LUPUS – LE221. Keeping an eye on the important things.

The extraordinary image quality, 4K resolution with 3840×2160 pixels, the LUPUS LE221 always ensures a perfect picture even in poor lighting conditions. With a maximum night vision range of 60 meters, a remotely controllable zoom lens and excellent technical equipment, combined with a low installation effort, the LUPUS-LE221 is your unbeatable ally for any of your projects. The selection of accessories includes practical solutions for every conceivable requirement profile. Together with the extremely competitive pricing of all new LUPUS models, IP camera projects can be designed more cost-efficiently than ever before.

Advantages of the LE221 PoE
  • 8 megapixels, max. 3840×2160 pixels with H.265 + compression
  • IR night vision up to 60 meters
  • 3.7 ~ 11mm motorized lens (controllable via APP and software)
  • WDR (120dB), IR cut filter, 3DNR, AWB, AGC and BLC image enhancements
  • IP67 and PoE capable
  • SD cards support up to 128GB
  • Software and design made.
Quick to set up, easy to use

The settings menu developed for this IP CCTV camera series is intended to guide the user easily and intuitively through the functions of the camera. Should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us!

The LE221 IP camera is easy to install.

The new LE221 is very easy to set up using the free iOS and Android APP. A wizard guides you through the basic settings and enables remote access while on the move without complicated network settings. The camera is PoE-capable (power supply directly via the network cable) and has a particularly resistant, weatherproof IP67 housing.

Can be integrated into our smart home alarm system

Not an isolated solution but a closed security system

Monitoring by video technology already helps to prevent break-ins and to clear up criminal offenses afterwards through recordings. But a professional alarm system cannot replace pure video technology. Therefore, you can also integrate this surveillance camera into our smart home alarm system. For example, if you receive a burglar alarm while you are out and about, you can immediately check the condition of your premises via

The picture you can see shows the main interface of the alarm system.

Free iOS and Android APP.

The free iOS and Android APP “LUPUS” will help you set up your camera for the first time. A wizard guides you through the basic settings and enables remote access while on the move without complicated network settings.

One APP for everything: if you already have a LUPUS alarm system, you can integrate the LE221 camera into the alarm system, so that you can immediately check the condition of your premises via video surveillance after a burglary alarm, for example. Easy right? And sure! Guaranteed. LUPUS Electronics. Security designed.

Included free of charge: the Smart Vision software for MacOS and Windows

  • Multi monitor support: Regardless of whether you have just one or any number of monitors. Distribute the pictures / windows using drag & drop
  • Modern touch screen operation possible
  • Create your own PC surveillance center
  • All windows can be moved dynamically