Holiday contests are always popular and are a great way to attract seasonal customers to pubs, bars, or social clubs. In fact, even in hospitals and nursing homes, we do Christmas contests because there is something that attracts people.

Maybe it’s a year and people seem to be familiar with this holiday period, but whatever it is, people are happy to answer the Christmas trivia questions for kids that are a mile from the general knowledge trivia quiz. This is despite the fact that many Christmas quiz questions are common knowledge and only have a momentary connection to the true message of this time.

Questions like “Where is the modern country where Noah’s Ark is believed to have finally landed after the Flood subsided?” The answer is Turkey, which is only relevant to Turkey because people eat them at Christmas (Turkey, not Turkey).

A similar example of Christmas trivia is the question: “When did Saint Francis of Assisi build the first nativity scene in 1223?” Most people won’t have a clue as to the answer to this, but since it’s a Christmas quiz, why not make an informed guess on December 25? And you will be right.

Therefore, the fact that we are dealing with Christmas trivia quizzes should allow us to guess the answer with a good chance of understanding them correctly. Not all answers will be on December 25, but knowing the topic will greatly narrow down your options. This is one of the reasons why more people take the Christmas quizzes than the old pub quizzes.

Families also like to hold quiz nights during this time. However, in general, the question is a bit difficult for those who are new to regular questionnaires. Still, you can generally choose a simple question from the quizzes you bought and add some of your own questions to supplement it.

The problem with questionnaires is that there are some who take them regularly and others who do not. Regular quizzes don’t bother you with questions that others find difficult. This is especially true at Christmas, when many people read Christmas trivia quizzes. They can be found before the Christmas contest at the local pub.

If you are considering taking a Christmas quiz, you should bring your questions closer to your client’s skills. This is not an easy task and most hobbyists tend to ask questions that are too difficult or too easy. They believe that if they can answer the question themselves, it must be at the right level. Anyone can find the wrong logic in it, and paying for your Christmas trivia quiz, or the entire Christmas quiz, will be easier and potentially more profitable.

This is because if you set a bad quiz that is too easy or too difficult for one participant, you will lose it for future quizzes. There is nothing wrong with buying a quiz and putting it through a few rounds to see how the quiz is accepted. Who knows: it may be a test to establish the winners, but you must test the water first before you have a chance to jeopardize your attendance in future tests.

There is no trick to setting up a Christmas quiz, but it is not too easy or too difficult. I once did a test that worked well until the final question of naming the entire British rugby team that beat France in the Six Nations that week. As a result, a question can fluctuate between 15 and 20 points (including submarines), which is not a testing method.

Christmas contests shouldn’t be too sports-oriented. Most people like seasonal movies and music, and you should have a round about a real Christmas message. Otherwise, get started and do your best with the Christmas trivia quiz.