Pillows also are a crucial detail that not only helps create a cushty , and proper sleep position through the night- they will even be highly influential surrounding how cool you sleep. The Sleep Judge team has reviewed a whole series of top rated cooling pillows and provided you with our greatest choices.

One of our purchases included the Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel, Memory Foam Pillow which help create a customizable sleep experience counting on your specific needs. Our honest opinion of our sleep trial is found below.

Breakdown of The Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Pillow

The Classic Corporation began their journey as a waterbed manufacturer within the 1970’s, and quickly began to introduce other popular sleep products as new, more innovative technologies made their debut within the industry. By 2002 they became Classic Brands, and expanded their line to incorporate even more of what consumers needed for the simplest night’s sleep possible.

The specialty sleep products offered by the corporate include a whole line of cooling choices to assist you sleep cooler, and more rested. Their patented open-celled memory foam, combined with a cooling gel layer, helps create a bamboo cooling pillow that not only pulls heat from your body- but traps and allows it to dissipate away.

When used with breathable, natural fiber casings, this is often a pillow that ought to stay cool to the touch all night long and supply you with a supportive, cooler rest. Since a lower temperature is conducive to a healthier night, supporting the sleep process during this manner can have long-term health benefits over time.

Safety and Health Certification Standards

I think it’s important to supply this information here thanks to my off gassing experience. Memory foam and gel are plastic by products, then the smell presumably had everything to try to to with the chemical composition from which they’re made then stored during a non-breathable container. These off-gassing exposures aren’t harmful, although some people do complain of headaches if they’re smell sensitive. I experienced no side-effects what so ever, and also reassured myself of the security certifications this pillow has.

Cooling Benefits and Claims

This pillow is made with cooling in mind and contains a dual sided memory foam foundation, one among which features a very specific gel layer impressed within it. Gel may be a synthetically made material that’s often utilized in bedding products to supply a cooling sensation through the method of conduction. Conduction is that the simple physics of 1 material object passing heat to a different , cooler, object once they are available contact with each other .

The cooling sensation your body feels once you touch this substance is thanks to the warmth from your hand passing to the cooler, gel like surface that’s presumably only at ambient temperature . the use of this within the pillow is meant to supply a cooling effect through the night. When combined with breathable, Cool Pass fiber casings, you ought to get a comfortably cool rest consistent with the corporate .

Fabric and Material Choices

No material actually ‘creates’ a cooler temperature unless powered by some source. These cooling effects are thanks to variables you’re completely on top of things of. Natural fibers, low thread count weaves, and artificial materials, like the gel described above, are all capable of aiding in helping you to sleep cooler. the businesses that make products, like the Classic Brand Reversible Cool Gel Pillow, utilize the technology and science behind what makes a easier night’s sleep to supply you with choices for a far better night’s rest.

Cotton and bamboo are two such samples of highly used natural fibers that breath more easily than petroleum and chemically made fibers. this is often thanks to the natural open cellular structure of those sorts of materials. But however , if your material features a high thread count then you’ve got a tighter weave which will hinder the air flow through the fabric . Thread counts that weigh under 400 are the kinds you would like to utilize, especially if you’re a hotter sleeper.

Natural fibers also help wick moisture faraway from your skin, which also provides a cooling feel. Once body moisture is absorbed, it can then evaporate into the encompassing environment faraway from your skin.

Materials like gel, as described above, are often utilized in conjunction with low thread counts and natural fibers to make a easier sleep environment. Since your body naturally drops in temperature as you sleep each night, this cooling effect helps support a deeper, healthier sleep for your overall well-being.

Features & Benefits

Any product that creates the claims this bamboo pillow does features a pretty impressive list of features and benefits for you to think about to assist you opt if this is often the simplest choice for you. Since everyone sleeps differently consistent with their personal preferences, sleep position, and weight and height- basically everything that creates you unique- looking over these sorts of details are important before making a final investment.


Standard sized pillows nearly always are available a 20×26 inch size with variations for queen and king sizing. The Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Pillow may be a one size fits all model with a 16×24 inch measurement.

Larger sized pillows are often fashionable larger sized people that have wide shoulders for the added neck support. They also often boast a touch more fill for the top also as shoulder comfort. i’m wont to standard and queen sized pillows, but never really noticed the dimensions difference of this particular pillow as compared to them.


The loft of a pillow is defined by the peak it sits at while at rest. Occasionally this will be somewhat deceiving as a high loft suggests a thicker, more firm pillow. However this is often not always the case counting on the sort of fill found within the pillow. Polyfills are notorious for looking more lofty than what they’re since they will fluff up so high.

With memory foam what you see is usually what you get and this pillow especially stands at a mean loft of slightly below 5 inches which is geared towards side and back sleepers to supply proper neck support.

Removable, Washable, Cool Pass Fiber Covers

Cool Pass Fiber is that the company’s patented hypoallergenic, performance knit material that gives pillow protection as both an inner, and outer protect excellent airflow to and from the pillow surface. The outer cover is particularly soft with piped, double stitched seams, whereas the inner cover help the pillow keep its shape and also provide an additional protective barrier. Both covers even have a little , lay-flat zipper to stay from snagging or having and issues with it protruding and causing the sleeper discomfort.

This construction allows for quick moisture wicking from your body surface and release to assist provide additional cooling relief because it releases away. It also works well against the open celled memory foam utilized in the pillow construction for extra airflow, which is vital for this to be truly effective.

The Sleep Judge has rated this together of our top king cooling pillow choices thanks to how effective it really in most circumstances, and also how comfortable it seems to play out for a spread of sleep positions. I always love when the claims a product makes can actually be proven, and in my experience this held to be true. In fact, this pillow was so nice to roll in the hay , that I actually took it camping during a hot camper within the desert one weekend and it had been fought over each night because the favored pillow.