No one could have foreseen the economic implications that the COVID 19 pandemic would create on the world economy. The onset of the global pandemic may have been met with panic but as the world settles into its ‘new normal’ best practices have been put into place to ensure businesses can reopen.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with other government organizations have pledged to protect global citizens from the novel coronavirus by instituting these best practices to ensure maximum safety against the virus.

Steps Taken By The Government

Government organizations aim to guide the citizens and teach them:-

  • The difference between cleaning and disinfecting.
  • The best methods of disinfecting against coronavirus along with other common household illnesses such as the flu and common cold viruses.

Suggested Methods By The Government

To ensure that the public is not vulnerable to the novel coronavirus as business reopens, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recently approved various disinfection processes by utilizing EPA registered and approved chemicals which are believed to limit the spread and reduce the risks associated with Covid 19.

These chemical disinfectants work best when used with disinfecting fogger backpacks or covid fogger machines.

Covid Fogger Machines

The surge in covid 19 cases resulted in a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizers and surgical face masks. These shortages have helped us to better understand the importance of preventive disinfection that is pre-arranged and readily available to business owners.

Hassle-free spraying with Covid Fogger Machines is an ideal and effective method in sanitizing and disinfecting rooms and surfaces as a precautionary method against viruses and bacteria. With the current Covid-19 outbreak, it has become a requirement in protecting against disease now more than ever.

Covid Fogger machines dispense chemicals into the atmosphere in the form of a mist or fog and can be easily sprayed around your own home or business as the dispensed chemical settles on all exposed surfaces eliminating germs and killing 99.9% of bacteria.

Other uses of Covid Fogger Machines

Food Industry Fogging

  • Sanitizing is a vital element in food processing industries and agriculture in various ways. The Covid Fogger machine is incredibly useful in protecting against the spread of viruses in the Food Industry.

Hospitals and Other Medical Environments

  • While medical facilities are already pristinely sanitized, the rise of Covid-19 required additional sanitation methods to be put into place. Covid fogger machines have been deployed as they control infection rates in medical environments including disinfecting vacated rooms and patient wards.

Insect Control Fogging

  • Originally used to control the onslaught of parasitic and disease-carrying bugs like mosquitoes, bugs, and flies, fogging is now used in the same way against the spread of viruses and bacteria.


What to Know Before Your First ‘Fogging’

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly recommends using EPA
  • registered disinfectants.

 The EPA “List N” contains an approved list of cleaners that help to eradicate viruses.

  • Cleaners that are EPA registered and approved have a prerequisite involving pre-cleaning of surfaces with either detergent or with soap and water. Once the cleaned surface is dry, it should then be sprayed properly with the use of a Disinfecting Fogger Backpack or a Covid Fogger Machine which will help combat common germs and viruses.
  • Simply “fogging” an area with a disinfectant may violate federal law.
  • Carelessness in terms of the application of the disinfectant is a threat to security resulting increasing health hazards and spreading COVID-19.

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Fogger machines. With an aim to provide the best solutions in disinfection for your workplace, our professionals are on hand to advise you on the best options available for your unique needs. We are committed to following the guidelines and protocols in accordance with the government and CDC to protect you,  your family members, business, and the community.

With Covid-19 hygiene practices becoming the new normal for businesses, fogging and other disinfection processes need to be in place to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.  We are here to help you to flatten the curve, mitigating the risk of spreading germs in your place of business. Exxcellsolutions offers professional advice and solutions to fit your companies needs when implementing Covid-19 prevention practices. Contact the team today.