Piles or Haemorrhoids

Piles or Haemorrhoids are vascular structures located in our body’s anal canal. Their primary purpose is to help in controlling stool. But, there are some things that, if repeatedly done, can aggravate piles. If you are experiencing an aggravation of piles or the symptoms associated with the condition, you should get in touch with a specialist before it worsens. Here are some common mistakes that can aggravate piles or haemorrhoids in an individual:

Sitting in the same place for long periods

If most of your work involves sitting in front of a computer for long periods or you like watching TV or browsing the internet for hours on a stretch, you will start complaining of not only constipation but also a lot of straining while you are passing stool. And if you are a bit overweight, things can get even worse. Physical inaction for long periods doesn’t do the veins surrounding your anal area any good. So, you should try to be more active, even if your work doesn’t ask you to. Get a few short walks done every day during your work hours. Or you could even do some cardio exercises for your own health and well-being. 

Poor Hygiene

If you have been suffering from piles for a long time, you would agree that too much heat and humidity is often your worst nightmare. So, you need to make sure that you take your personal hygiene very seriously. Take a bath every day and clean those private areas that are worst affected by piles. Also, make sure that you dry the anal area properly to avoid any more irritation. Make sure that you don’t rub a cloth or toilet paper too harshly against the anal area. To avoid more suffering during the menstrual cycle, make sure that you use sanitary napkins specially made while keeping sensitive skin in mind.

Heavy weightlifting in the gym

If you work out in the gym regularly to stay fit, you should ensure that you aren’t overdoing things to get faster results. Don’t lift heavy weights because that would have you put more stress on external haemorrhoids. The pain that comes with it is almost unbearable. So, it is advisable that you take a moderate approach when working out in the gym or at home.

Living with too much stress

If you have been feeling stressed out lately or your job is taking a lot out of you physically, you should not let the stress take a toll on your health. If you continue to live that stressful life, at some point, you will develop symptoms of depression and anxiety. This can aggravate your haemorrhoids and cause you more pain than you are already under. To avoid this situation, take a break from work or go out on vacation. If you can’t do that, you can find yourself a hobby or activity that can help you calm down when you are under too much stress. 

Holding the urge to defecate

You should never delay the natural urge to defecate. This is more common in people who are already suffering from aggravated haemorrhoids. They think that not going to the toilet will save them the pain. But what they are doing is making their situation worse. When you delay passing stool, you are only making it harder and thus more painful to pass. Whether you have a piles problem or not, you should never delay the urge to pass motions. 

Eating less 

Many people think that not eating a lot could save them from going toilet time and again. The fear and pain associated with passing motions make people do these unhealthy and dangerous things. If you ask experts, you will come to know that not eating regularly can cause more trouble to your piles than good. You don’t need to stop eating. You should make smarter and healthier choices instead. Go for fibre rich food items to smoothen your bowel movements. 

Spending too much time in the toilet

If you spend more than 10-15 minutes in the toilet, you could end up straining on the seat for no reason. It could eventually lead to bleeding. You should not take your phone along because reading the morning or browsing through social media apps can make you lose track of time. So while you didn’t mean to spend half an hour on the toilet seat, you will end up doing it anyway, putting too much pressure on your blood vessels. 

Many people don’t make these mistakes intentionally. But that doesn’t spare them the pain and discomfort that these mistakes lead to, especially for people who are already suffering from aggravated piles. Avoid making these mistakes for smooth bowel movements and staying away from flared up piles.