Computer Courses in Abu Dhabi

Computer Courses in Abu Dhabi (CAD) are offered by the Computer Engineering Institute of Abu Dhabi (CIDU). This school is one of the prominent institutes in the entire Middle East, offering one of the best computer courses in the region. It is located in the capital city of Abu Dhabi.

Best Computer & IT Courses in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The best computer courses in Abu Dhabi offered by the Computer Engineering Institute of Abu Dhabi (CAD) are diverse and can be taken as electives or full-time courses. Students opting for electives can take courses in subjects like Information technology, Foundations of Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Design, and Visual Communication, Computer Networks, Programming Languages, and Visual Basic for Applications. Prerequisites for admission into the Computer Engineering Institute of Abu Dhabi (CAD) courses maybe some previous training in the relevant courses. It is also necessary that the student has a minimum qualification in high school or equivalent. A Coding Specialist course is also available.

Computer courses in Abu Dhabi should check out the Computer Academy

This is one of the leading institutes in the region and is offering both online and classroom computer courses. Courses are designed to give students hands-on experience in the field of information technology. The curriculum and the teaching methods are based on international standards.

The Computer Academy of Abu Dhabi is accredited by the Computing Technology Association of India. It offers both classroom and distance education courses. The courses are designed by experts and are associated with leading colleges and universities of the world. The courses are designed so that they give practical instruction, and are also inter-related. A good number of multinational companies have got their branches in the region, making Computer courses in Abu Dhabi essential for them.

Good, IT learning center is the Al-Wasi Center for Learning and Research 

Which is located in Fujairah. The ACECR offers a wide variety of computer courses at a low cost. There are various branches of the ACECR, including an undergraduate diploma, master degree and PhD programs. The institutes offer training in all aspects of Information Systems, Computer science, Programming, Internet and Database design and development. The institutes also conduct projects and summer camps.

The National University of Abu Dhabi (LANAD) is one of the best Computer courses in Abu Dhabi. It offers a variety of computer courses for professionals. The Computer labs and classes are located in the basement of the Damai International Airport. The courses are divided into practical sessions and theory sessions. The students can choose from various levels, starting with beginner’s level and proceeding to intermediate and expert levels.

The University of Business offers courses in Computer science and accounting

There are various branches of the UBA, including business administration, management and accounting. There are also certificate courses for specific courses such as project management and accounting.

The International Academy for Technology and Learning (IATL) is a reputable IT learning centre located in Fujairah. The IATL has branches in many parts of the Middle East and is the only institute that offers both ICT and Computer courses in the region. There are several branches of the IATL, including associate degrees, masters degrees and doctoral courses. The associate degrees mainly include teaching skills and project management. The master degrees focus on areas like enterprise architecture, software design and deployment, internet marketing and e-commerce.

One of the best and oldest Institute of computer courses in Abu Dhabi

The National University of Computer Sciences and Applications (Nudibril) is one of the oldest institutes offering accredited computer courses in Abu Dhabi. It offers both Bachelor and Master degrees in computer science. The Bachelor’s degree is usually aimed at individuals who have a broad technical knowledge and wish to become capable of operating a computer. The Master’s degree requires individuals who have completed their bachelor’s degree to enroll for the course.

The Computing and Communication Technologies Program (CCT Programs) – based at the Academy of Computer Science and Technologies (ACST) in Fujairah offers courses in the areas of information systems, web services, and software, database design and management, and visual computing. The CCT Programs are accredited by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CITA).

This institute also offers courses in multimedia systems

Applied software design and interactive development, high-frequency trading, electronic commerce, web services and networking. The University of Abu Dhabi campus in Fujairah offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programs in Information Systems, Computer Science and Management.


The East Winds University also offers computer courses in Abu Dhabi. These courses are mostly bachelor and master degree levels. Some of these include Accounting and Financial Management, International Business, IT Management, Health Sciences and Engineering. There are also certificate courses that are offered for professionals who are willing to enhance their skills. A few of these courses are Information Technology, Web Services, Management Information Systems and Project Management.