Kareo EMR

Creating effective treatment plans is a vital part of caring for your patients. With tools like Kareo EMR, you can structure your plans better. This enables you to provide all-around and holistic care for patients and ensures better adherence. Read through this article to learn more about creating engaging treatment plans. 

Creating Treatment Plans With Patients

Most of the healthcare apparatus used by doctors rely on their own expertise. Think about it – notes, charts, and reports are created by professionals. In all of this, patients aren’t really an active part except to be the subject of the investigation. However, treatment plans are one tool where patients and doctors can collaborate.

That being said, more often than not, even the treatment plan can become one-sided and not include patient feedback. What can be a great way to connect patients with their providers, and offer a learning opportunity for both, can become lost in the mundane work at the clinic. 

When patients feel like they are part of the process, particularly the treatment plan, they have a greater sense of investment into their care. It has been shown by numerous studies that this feeling helps patients perform better and take a more active role in the implementation of that plan. 

Kareo EMR solutions for Treatment Plans

Kareo EMR has been working to bring you continued access to various medical features. One such feature is a transformation of the traditional treatment plan. Using the Kareo treatment plan options, not only can you improve on your collaboration with patients, you can also improve the way that you collaborate with your team members at the practice. 

With the option to create dynamic treatment plans, you can provide better care. There is better facilitation of decision making, and availability of plans to improve the process. The treatment plan is a flexible feature, meaning you can change and create how you want.

Healthcare is not a one-size fits all experience, and the Kareo EMR treatment plan reflects that. The patients at your practice deserve to be treated individually, and be a part of the experience. The software helps to make this unique catering of patients happen smoothly.

The treatment plan, once created, can be signed by the patient in person. Alternatively, it can also be signed remotely using secure emailing features. As mentioned above, involving patients improves adherence and makes them part of the process. This will bring about a feeling of security and calm in patients, knowing they feel heard and included. 

Patients know their bodies and lifestyles in a way that their provider cannot. They are therefore an important resource in the practice and can prove an integral role in the treatment plan creation. 

Ultimately, including patients is a win for everyone. Let’s say your patient is supposed to watch their diet. If they are included in the process of deciding what should be kept in and out of their diet, they are more likely to stick to it. It’s only natural, when they are just told what to do without their input, they will be more likely to push away and rebel.

Patient compliance is not the only reason these treatment plans work. When you use collaborative treatment plans from Kareo EMR, your insurance provider is also likely to notice. It will also show that both parties took part because you have signatures. 

When to Create a Treatment Plan Using Kareo EMR

Treatment plans are usually created after a few patient visits. These visits are crucial so the doctor can glean important information about the current status of the patient. Therefore, the first step is to go for an evaluation. This is when the practitioner tries to figure out what exactly has prompted the visit to the doctor. 

After this, the doctor should try to do a deeper evaluation of the facts, such as asking the patient about their history. This allows them to make their initial diagnosis. The information is shared with the patient, and then the work on the treatment plan begins. 

Who Can Get Kareo EMR?

Kareo is available to use for medical practices, and if you have a practice, it may just be the right software for you. You can read through Kareo EMR reviews to learn more about the software. Additionally, the Kareo EMR pricing plan can be requested from the vendor. Keep that in mind while you are budgeting for your practice. Finally, if you are still wondering about the benefits of Kareo EMR, you have another option. You can also request to see the Kareo EMR demo so you see the software in action for yourself.