photo to canvas print

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, why not use those words to create a lasting impression on the people who are viewing the picture? When you are planning the wall decoration of your room, it is necessary to think visually. Canvas prints are brilliant for wall decoration; especially when it comes to a photo to canvas print, you need to remember the concepts of colors and balance to maintain the aesthetics of your room.

Visuals can be great for decorating your room if that is what you want. But there are other ways to decorate as well, namely with texts. Texts can make a bold statement for the decoration of your room. It can be a direct window into your mindset and can tell a lot about you as a person.

Visuals are open to interpretation and can be interpreted differently by different people. You do not have to disguise in ambiguity as most text-based photo canvas print is self-explanatory with texts and words. If you wonder how you can use text-based canvas prints for your interior decoration, you will get all the ideas you need in this article.

How to use text on Canvas Prints?

Text is a bold design choice that can explicitly state what you want your design to look like instead of subtly implying it. Text-based canvas prints are cost-effective and designed with the help of stock images. You can use any picture that you want to without a problem. Here are some ideas on how you can use text on canvas prints.

1.     Wedding Vows

The day of your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. The vows of your wedding are words that have a profound personal connection to you and your partner. Over the course of your marriage, it is a great idea to have those words printed and displayed in your home. To keep yourselves reminded of the promises that you had made.

Marriage pictures are an excellent decoration for the interiors of your house. If you are looking for a creative and new way to display your marriage photos, you can display them along with your wedding vows.

The idea would be to have a split canvas print with the two people separately in each frame with their vows typed in the frame as well. This is a creative and romantic way you can showcase your wedding vows.

2.     Showcasing the highlights of the day you were born on

If you search on the internet about what happened on the day you were born. You will be provided with an extensive list of significant events that have happened on that day throughout history. This is one of the best gifting ideas for someone special.

It can be an excellent piece for people to look at and talk about. You can go above and beyond by editing your picture to look ancient by adding vintage filters on it before you send the image to canvas printing. This gift idea can also be a great conversation starter and ice-breaker for new people to come over to your house.

3.     Creating your word clouds

Word clouds or typography is a very visually appealing art form. Word clouds are stylish and can work well for decorating your interiors. Word clouds feature different words written in shape where some words appear more significant than the others.

This way, you can emphasize certain words that everyone will be able to notice. Some words are left in small sizes, so only the people looking at the piece with full attention find them, which will add more depth and meaning to the piece.

If you are looking to get word clouds, there are various ideas that you can implement. You can write down your wedding vows in the form of a word cloud and display them at your house. You can print out the name of the movies of your favorite director and display them. You can also list your favorite songs in a word cloud and have them displayed in your house.

Word clouds can speak a lot about the person with the information. Its personal approach makes it a more reliable gifting idea for your close ones. You can create your word clouds for free through various services available on the internet.

4.     Inspirational Quotes to motivate you

Inspirational quotes are a way to keep yourself motivated during the day. They are personal and different for each person. These quotes have a personal value to anyone, so this is a great gifting idea for anyone.

You can use inspirational quotes on solid colored backgrounds to decorate your room in a certain way. You can also use them along with the poster of the person whose quote you are printing. These two ideas can add a great look to your existing room without being too tacky or flashy.

You can create your inspirational quote posters using software or use readily available stock images.

5.     Significant Letters of your life

We all have received some letters in our lives that have had a very sentimental value over the years. Paper has a limited lifetime, and it can not be preserved forever on paper. A great idea would be to digitize the letters and displaying them in your home in the form of a canvas wall display.

Not only limited to letters, but you can also choose and display any note that you may have received from your loved ones. You can also choose any certificates or accreditations that you may have received in your life. This is a way for you to keep the memories alive while reminding yourself of your own life journey.


Text-based canvas prints create a bold look for the interiors of your house. They also have excellent gifting value for being very personal and meaningful. Text-based canvas prints are available with all canvas print sellers. They often feature stock images that you can change and put your own image there as well to make it more memorable. If you are looking for canvas photo prints cheap, you can find them at competitive prices through