custom packaging boxes with logo

GCP is one of the best US manufacturers of custom packaging boxes with logo to manufacture all kinds of personalised boxes and custom logo boxes. The custom printed boxes can be available in amazing and innovative logo printed designs in the finest possible condition. Your company’s products will no longer look monotonous since we can deliver personalised boxes in a variety of sizes and designs according to the needs, requirements and product specifications of our customers.

We are equipped with skilled and hardworking graphic artists with the skills to design and aesthetic designs, and these professionals can manufacture personalised boxes with a logo more than enough.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, we do not even charge our customers a bit for any custom design personalizations created by the customers themselves. It would be a worthwhile experience to get excellent services in the entire US manufacturing package packaging market. In addition, the Personalized Mailer packaging boxes can be purchased on request with either simple or printed designs.

Appeal Personalized Logo Boxes

GCP is the best packaging option ever to be found in the United States. Don’t waste your valuable time, hit our chat help here to book your order immediately!

If you want custom boxes or custom boxes with a logo for your business with a definite logo, contact us because we are willing, faster than any other box concurrent on the market, to provide you with any type, form, design and custom boxes.

Material collection used

No one or two types of materials are confined to our Retail Boxes. However, a wide range of materials is also available. These options can be used by our customers. You can choose any personalised retail packaging to suit your needs. Eco-friendly Kraft goods are also provided by our personalised product boxes. In addition, we supply E and F corrugated boxes and Bux boards, which conform to heavy and durable products. Our team ensures uncompromising comfort and consistency.

Our goals are our successes!

At GCP we aim to win customers with the highest possible quality personalised package manufacturing services and custom boxes with logo. We are 101 per cent positive and dedicated to our loyal customers’ earnings because we consider them to be ourselves. Our aim is not to gain the profit from our customers, but to be respected and for this purpose, we are able to give all our current or new customers all of our low prices and beautiful personalised boxes and the custom packaging service without any cost. Our new offsets in printing methods and technique are digital, CMYK/PMS colour shades, which will certainly allow you to draw potential customers to your product.

Do you want fabulous productivity on wholesale custom boxes?

We are ready to provide our potential customers with a variety of creative and entrepreneurial designs that help them to thrive exponentially in their business. Furthermore, we are always able to produce wholesale boxes with logo on demand of our customers. We give the lowest prices for any product our company produces relative to the industry. Discover the website, email us, order wholesale and boom your personalised boxes. Your individual boxes will be at your doorstep in no time.

Usage of add-ons will improve your retail box appearance

In addition, the add-ons include foiling, coatings, printing, debossing and visible windows. This is the advancement that will definitely catch the consumers’ attention to your product. Moreover, you can quickly be a pioneer in the industry relative to your rivals by adding these add-ons.

You can add alluring and mesmeric foiling to your attention-grabbing boxes

The most critical feature of these add-ons is their other subtypes. Now you can pick the add-ons you like. Like, you can use colour in the foiling when you’re in extra love with bright colours. Moreover, the foiling is not only appropriate for the few particular objects over box-like titles, logos or something else, but also for using the foiling on the whole box. We loyally favour the gold and silver foil, since these two colours offer the gleaming lo9ok to your personalised product boxes.

Coatings Gleamy and Glossy

The layers are divided into two types:

  • Matt Matt
  • Glory

As often, consumers ask for their product packaging, which is non-shiny and smooth. We have therefore added the matte coating to our suggested list. In comparison, some consumers taste light and brightness with their food packaging. In this case, the gloss coating option is available. The coating gives your packaging the eye-catching and appealing look. You would also like another aspect of these coatings, which is their water and dust-resistant consistency.

Be mindful of the addition of embossing and debossing

Embossing and debossing are a kind of add-on as well. Furthermore, both can be used to illustrate the product or brand’s titles, logos, stickers or names. The printing works like this, so that it carves the listed items, while the debossing renders something prominent. In addition, they are primarily done together by custom product packaging. This add-on gives the product packaging a distinctive look.

Window Addition to give your packaging a noticeable look

This window addition gives the consumer and the seller a major double profit. The customer can also easily pick the product through the window viewing room. At the same time, this addition increases the customer’s interest to see correctly what’s inside the case. And the second thing would prove to the buyers of the commodity as a profit. Now let’s talk about the two separate window forms. One is called die-cutting, and the other is PVC. You will see a plastic sheet on the PVC type of the window, while the die-cutting type of the window will not be added.

Specific and stylish boxing style for your goods

Models are introduced to give the packaging an impressive look. Likewise, bland and dull models are also not like customers. We have therefore introduced numerous box designs for your products. These models are two parts, sleeves, pillows, pads, screens, hangers of five sheets, mailers, and several other. This variety gives you various choices to choose from according to your preference. These designs also allow the brand to differentiate itself from its competitors on the market.

Many of the box models look like one another. The sleeve and the two-piece share essentially the same production. Both are made up of two pieces. The division of these two sections is as if you can keep the goods in one segment. The second part will play the role of the lid for the protection of the product in the first part. In sleeve, both parts slide independently, while the two parts separate in the opposite direction.

The tuck boxes come straight, reverse and auto-locked with four sizes. Both styles are almost identical, but the only difference is that their panels and flaps are mounted. The direct tuck end comes with the flaps on the top and bottom of the box on the same side. Moreover, the reverse tuck end has flaps at the top and bottom on the opposite side. In the tuck end style auto-lock, one-side flaps come with a lock. Finally, the enclosed tuck end has the bottom and top sealed.

It’s up to you to choose which design is the best for your product. Once the case styles are tested and the final style is decided for your product.