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It is customary that each generation passes many things onto the
next. Sometimes it’s through spoken word. Sometimes it’s through
things that we find out but were never told. Fourteen-year-old
Trinity grew up visiting a small town in Vermont where her
grandmother lived. This town is on edge, the Pigman dwells among
them. His odd look and tenacious ways have caused great fear
among the residents. With her grandmother’s sudden passing, Trinity
realizes that she’s been left alone with a secret that only she knows.
What will she do?
The book is available at Amazon in paper and Kindle.
The book is also available at www.richunkel.com
Damon Piletz is the creator behind the pen name, “Rich Unkel.” He grew up in a small New England
town nestled between the Green and White Mountains. He currently lives in Vermont, where he has
resided for the last twenty years. He loves to write poetry, novels and short stories. His favorite pastime is
making memories with his wife, three children and the family cat.