Unsafe, alone, deserted and with no rock to build on but yourself. That’s how you can feel after a divorce that you didn’t choose. Being abandoned or betrayed is one of the most horrible things you can experience in your life. It is a time when you can start over and check what you actually want without taking others into account. To make sure that you can start over after a divorce, in this blog I will discuss the processing of the divorce and what you can do to start over.

Process divorce

Initially, it is important to process your divorce. You don’t want your new life to be based on proving the contrary of what your ex has said to you or what he or she doesn’t believe. Then you actually give your former partner too much power over your life while that person no longer plays a role in it.

By processing your divorce, you can then make decisions that are only influenced by your beliefs.


Thoughts about the future, fears you may have about it, are also good to have. After all, you have plunged into a change process and perhaps even without having chosen it. Therefore, give yourself the time to function less well than normal, as long as this does not hinder your health or that of your family, then it is not a problem for a number of weeks.

Talk to others

Dealing with a divorce on your own is extremely difficult. Sometimes you have to talk, sometimes you have to have a good laugh with other people, and sometimes you just need a hug. In addition, other people can also help you with the next steps, for example if you need someone you can work with.

Determine your interests

What you can do is take a moment to get back in touch with your own interests. Do you like reading, painting, sports, knitting, playing chess, writing or something else? Try different things so that your identity is not determined by your relationship status or work. In addition, you also become much happier if you do something new and do what you enjoy.

Lonely after divorce

Getting a normal daily life is difficult if you experience loneliness after your divorce. Meeting with friends (or girlfriends) does not seem to work.

In the case of loneliness after a divorce, you can see if you can enroll in a new course where you also interact with people. Such as when learning a language or following a cooking course or perhaps a golf workshop.

Help after divorce

In addition, there are also many support groups for people who are divorced. You can find fellow sufferers through these groups. They can help you, even you can also help them. Helping others has many benefits, such as increasing your self-confidence. Something that is necessary in most cases after a divorce.

Start new life

If you have managed to come to terms with the divorce, find yourself and stay healthy, you can start a whole new life. Starting a new life after a divorce can sometimes take a while, but once it does you can sometimes find that you have already started your new life while you were recovering.

If you’re an Indian living abroad, then it’s easy to find someone within your community. Matrimonial websites plays an important role in second marriages in Indian culture. Getting help from online marriage bureau and wedding websites is still an important part of Indian culture. This maybe because here you can find your second partner without letting others know what you are into.

Interact with hobbies and friends too

Then you can make very conscious choices about what your new life should look like. For example, you can determine a personal goal, such as giving nice parties or moving to a nicer house. You can also determine business goals, such as finding another job, asking for promotion or new activities at work and if you feel like it even starting for yourself.