Deconstructing Myths About Covid-19

Covid-19 has altered the very fabric of our society. It is a new world we live in today and the new normal is quite different from what life used to be. A new virus, information on Covid-19 was not backed by years of research or fact-based input. As our scientists worked day and night to understand Covid19 and how to manage the virus.  We saw a huge amount of misinformation being spread like wildfire across the globe.

Some of these myths have the potential to be dangerous for our well-being. We tend to take information seen on social media as correct but is false. On the same note, do not take any medical advice unless it comes from a healthcare provider.

Some myths that need to be put to rest!

Myth 1: People need to wear masks even when exercising

This is not true and potentially dangerous if you are wearing masks when exercising. When you exercise you tend to become sweaty which makes it difficult to breathe while wearing a mask. So please maintain social distancing and do NOT wear masks when exercising.

Myth 2: Hydroxychloroquine can be used to treat COVID-19

The drug is used to treat malaria and other ailments and was tested on Covid-19 patients.  However, t it did not reduce the instances of Covid-19 related deaths from preliminary findings. No medication should be taken without the prescription of a doctor and it can result in serious side effects and damage to the body.

It has to be noted that this is a new virus with no studies to back up treatment and medication options. It is a work in progress and as we see results from research and studies taking place. There will be more clarity on the right way to treat Covid-19 patient in terms of management.

However, self-medication can have a harmful effect and should be avoided at all costs. We can’t just listen to unqualified people who have no expertise in healthcare and follow their advice.

Myth 3: Drinking or Disinfecting your body with bleaching products will protect you against COVID-19

Yes, we have been told to disinfect every surface to avoid the spread of Covid-19 because it can kill the virus. Please note that disinfectants have very harmful chemicals which are in no way suits for the human body.

Sometimes, simply getting in contact with them can irritate your eyes because of the fumes coming out. Sometimes also causing damage to the skin. Thus, thinking of spraying yourself with disinfectant or every thinking of drinking the, is extremely dangerous. However, regular handwashing, maintaining social distancing, and wearing masks can prove very effective in protecting yourself against Covid-19.

Myth 4: 5G and mobile networks spread COVID-19

Radio waves, mobile networks or any kind of waves do not in any way spread the virus. Even countries with no 5G network have a high number of corona patients. This is a myth that has no standing or value. Covid19 is a virus that is spread through respiratory droplets. This means if someone infected with corona sneezes or coughs or talks, they leave these droplets in the air or land on surfaces contaminating them. When someone comes in contact with these droplets, they also get infected.

There is no other way that the virus can be transmitted.

Myths and Misinformation – The Result

These kinds of myths have the potential to push back all the hard work the frontline works have been doing since early 2020. We are seeing people who are not willing to get vaccinated against convid19 simply because they feel vaccines can autism or a myriad of other diseases. This is again myths that have taken root within the very fabric of our society creating unnecessary hurdles for governments and regulatory bodies.

The general population reads this kind of material online and not necessarily from credible sources, but they tend to believe it. The spread of misinformation is a major detriment in the age of technology.

A large number of people even after the Covid-19 death toll and especially the United States which has the highest in the world refuse to wear masks or take precautions. The spread of misinformation during the Covid-19 pandemic has caused unnecessary deaths which could have been avoided.

Be Conscious of your Source of Information.

At the end of the day, it falls on you to be aware of what is right and wrong. To read from credible sources only to research if you hear or read something from a random blog or video and value the knowledge of experts who have been in this field for decades.

The precautionary measures given to us by governments, healthcare bodies, or regulatory organizations are for our benefit. It is your life that will be saved or the life of your loved ones. Remember this is for your good and benefit. Readout more about COVID-19 at Deliver My Meds.