Soft furnishings, as the name suggests, those soft items are made by modifying and designing fabrics. Soft furnishings may include mattresses, linens, curtains, sofa covers, and many other things. They are used in our homes to give our interiors a vibrant look. They promise to provide the surrounding with a more eye-catching view when set up in great contrast. 

Different kinds of fabrics are used in different furnishings like cotton that is usually used for making towels and bed linens. Where, linen is used for making napkins and pillow covers, suede is for making sofas whereas wool is used for making rugs and carpets. 

Tips For Choosing Furnishings Fabric:- 

Choose the right colour and pattern-

  • The colour and pattern of your furnishing do matter a lot while setting up the theme of your living area. Some people like new age colours and urban patterns for their furniture whereas others want it to be traditionally touched. 
  • Generally, in a small room light hues are used to make the overall look of the room quite bigger at the viewer’s sight. 
  • The kind of mood you want to create while sitting in your area depends on the colour you are supposed to go with.
  • Patterns like geometrical, tribal prints, florals, etc. Make sure the patterns are not cut at an odd angle so that they do not look odd.

Durability check- 

  • The fabric must be durable and must not easily wear off. Besides the look and texture of the fabric, durability must also be checked. It is considered that engineering fabrics are stronger than natural fabrics.
  • So in the case of cotton which we consider best in fabrics, can not be successful in the case of pillows and cushions. Cotton, polyester, and rayon can be combined to form a stronger and suitable fabric for home furnishings. 

Design styling-

  • Commonly velvet and satin fabric are used to give the furnishings to give an elegant and royal look. Whereas linen is used for more formal designs.

Go with low maintenance fabric-

  • The type of fabric of your furnishings does vary according to the use and place of the furniture. If the furniture is to be kept in direct sunlight, then cotton and natural fabrics like silk must not be chosen. 
  • Dust and silt accumulate on the soft fabrics for that easy home washable fabrics should be selected. During humid days mildew, the resistant fabric should be set on. 

Well, if you are a person who wants their interiors to have an elegant touch of beautifully handcrafted designs. Then, undoubtedly you can get your favourite soft home furnishings at any of the stores available online. The use of Indian art and embroideries on quality fabrics to design the furnishing is the wide perspective getting used today. Once you get to decide a brief of your interior design you can search it on endlessly. 

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