The dental implant is the best solution to mimic nature, as it is the only therapeutic option capable of completely mimicking a tooth from root to crown. It also has many advantages over other prosthetic solutions developed so far in dentistry. With the availability of the Semi flex denture in Kolkata you can find the best deal there.

Restores Aesthetics and Function

The first advantage provided by dental implants is of course to replace the missing tooth, thus restoring the smile. They therefore have a major aesthetic role. Implants also play a functional role by restoring chewing, and therefore nutrition. Dental implants allow you to eat all the foods you want. You can, for example, bite into an apple with confidence. The comfort felt during chewing is the same with an implant as with a natural tooth. For Dental Implant in Kolkata this goes perfect.

Preserves the Integrity of the Jaw

As true as a lack of physical exercise atrophies the muscles of the body through lack of stimulation, tooth loss leads to the gradual restoration of the jaw bone. When chewing or swallowing, the pressure exerted on the teeth is transmitted to the jawbone, thus keeping it vital. The placement of an implant restores the mechanical stimulation of the bone formerly exerted by the tooth. Like a natural tooth, it transmits stress and preserves the integrity of the jawbone.

Preserves Adjacent Teeth

The placement of an implant is often put in competition with a bridge on natural teeth. However, it has many more advantages, as it is a perfectly stand-alone solution. An implant not only replaces a missing tooth, but also indirectly increases the life of neighboring teeth. For Full Mouth Dental Implant in Kolkata this goes perfect.

Indeed, the replacement of a tooth by an implant does not involve any mutilation of the adjacent teeth. These mutilations, observed when a bridge anchored to natural teeth is placed, often lead to complications which shorten the life of the abutment teeth and therefore of the bridges.

Furthermore, a problem (decay, fracture, loosening, abscess, etc.) which would affect a tooth adjacent to the implant would have no effect on it. Conversely, a problem affecting the implant would have no effect on the adjacent teeth.

Preserves the Balance of the Jaws

The loss of a tooth is not an isolated event and inevitably leads to the loss of other teeth, if it is not quickly replaced. Replacing it with an implant makes it possible to preserve the balance of the jaws. When an anterior tooth, that is to say involved in the smile, disappears, the decision to replace it does not arise. The imperatives of social life and the needs of phonation impose its replacement. There are serious problems with not replacing a tooth, which appear quite quickly because the teeth are not independent units. They are part of a complex system “in equilibrium”, in which each tooth plays an essential role.