Getting a logo for your Small to Medium Enterprises can seem like a very challenging task. But no worry, with the help of online logo makers is especially feasible for those on a budget. The logo is no more than a small image. It makes your target customers visually communicate with your SME. In a way, a logo is a way that viewers can remember your company.

Sure, using online tools to make logos by yourself is inexpensive. However, to make this task cost-effective, you should consider some basic tips to start your logo project.

Well, let’s check it out. First of all, it is essential to learn about your competition. You need to see what already exists before using a logo maker to create your logo for free. It is useful what you can learn from your competition. When brainstorming the type of logo you want for your SME, think about what are the key to your business. How do you want these ideas to be represented in your logo? Make sure you get feedback from trusted sources that you know will give you honest and constructive feedback.

Here this post takes DesignEvo, one of the best online logo makers for you to learn how does this kind of tool works.

DesignEvo is a very flexible application. It offers you the best choices such as template filters, icons, and fonts. So you have quite the amount of resources to edit your logo.

How to work DesignEvo to create your logo.

The part of making the logo is very simple with DesignEvo. After you have landed its logo template choosing page, then follow below step by step:

1. Find your logo template to edit with keywords searching

For something more tech-related,  for example, the word “internet.” The searching machine would show all the matched templates for you as below. And many more. And then you can click on the one you chose. You can search for the computer.

2. Input your company name and company slogan

In this case, you can use your comprehensive-thinking ideas to fill in, but you can feel free to put the title and subtitle you want. And then click on “Get Started”.

3. Customize your works at your will

Of course, the templates that appeared in the first step are pre-made, but in this step, you can transform your digital art into what you really want.

Icon: in this tab, you can find everything and more with a million icons available. So if you want to add a web icon, search for “web” in this icon and you will find several symbols for all tastes.

Text: here you can customize all the text, changing the font, and up there, you can add color, make it bold, italic, spacing, curve, however, you want.

Shape: This is where, if you want a monogram, you will find several models. It is also here that frames, lines, geometric figures, etc. can be added.

Background: in this tab, you can choose whether you want it to be a solid color or gradient color.   It is fine to use any background color as you wish, but note that your background color should fit your logo.

Main operation buttons:

  • Undo and Redo: if you didn’t like something, undo it by pressing the arrow to return. If you want to recover, press Redo.
  • Layer: layout is when you want some layers to forward or backward.
  • Preview: before downloading the logo, click on preview. This function will give you a clear idea of ​​how your logo will look in the most various mockups you can imagine.
  • Download: Finally, click on download, choose the free logo, unless, of course, you want the paid plan with high-resolution and that’s it! You can use your logo. The file you downloaded is a .zip folder. Just extract the files from the folder and everything is fine.

Wrap up

Once you use this tool, you will probably find DesignEvo very cool. It is straightforward to navigate and has all the basic features needed to create a good looking logo for your business.

This tool is definitely a friendly platform for anyone looking for a logo but has no experience, time or budget required.