How to Read Palms

What is Palm Reading?

Palm reading or better known as Chiromancy is a detailed study of interpreting the palm lines of a person. Chiromancy is a usual practice in almost all parts of the world. Palm reading is a prevalent method of predicting the future. According to popular belief, palm lines also demarcate the character traits of a person. Chiromancy is hugely dependent on one’s belief in it. 

Importance of Palm Reading

The future is uncertain and may change at any moment but still palm reading is extensively used for foretelling the future. Palm reading acts as a link among the past, present, and future. Some of the importance of palm reading completely based on the belief are;

  • It is often believed that palm readings signify memories of past life and can be read by palmists.
  • A good palmist can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a person. Palmists are also known to provide solutions to avoid unwanted events in the future.
  • Palm reading also regulates decision-making in a person. Based on the predicted consequence, it becomes easier for a person to decide.
  • Palm reading also assists one in forecasting one’s orientation and purpose in life.

Popular Belief Regarding How To Read Palm

  • The lines on the right palm and left palm signifies distinct information. Lines in the left palm of a woman signifies the information on what she has earned throughout her life, while the right-hand palm lines are what she is born with. In the case of men, the information is reversed. Based on the type of information required, the correct palm is selected.
  • Four major lines need to be identified. They are the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line. The specialty of the fate line is that it is present only in few people. 

Examination of Heart Line

This line exists either from the little finger to the index finger or vice versa. It is believed to be an indicator of emotional strength, romantic life, depression, and condition of the heart.

  • The heart line starting from the index finger signifies a happy love life.
  • If the heart line starts from below the middle finger, it signifies that the person is careless for, his/her love.
  • If the heart line starts right from the median point of the palm, it represents that the person falls in love effortlessly.

A short and successive line indicates that the person is least interested in romance. But a long and concave line indicates free expression of one’s sentiments. When the heart line intersects life line, the person is easily heartbroken. Abrupt discontinuities and small lines in the line signify emotional pain. An abrupt circle in between the line refers to depression. On the other hand, a wave-like pattern of the line demonstrates the absence of a serious relationship.

Examination of the Head line

An important step on how to read palms is identifying the type of head line. A head line represents the intellect and creative nature of an individual.

  • A short line implies that the individual prefers accomplishments over emotional ones.
  • A curved line sloping downwards indicates the highly creative nature of a person. 
  • In case it does not diverge from the life line itself, it refers to an adventurous person.
  • A wave-like head line suggests an inattentive person.
  • A deep line indicates that the individual has a confident and focused thinking ability.
  • A straight line implies a practical person.
  • Small lines and circles in the line indicate emotional stress.
  • Discontinuities in the line generally imply unpredictable thinking tendencies.
  • Numerous crosses on the line suggest an impulsive person.

Examination of Life Line

This line indicates the health condition and sudden major changes in life. This line starts from the thumb and runs in an arc-shape towards the wrist. One of the most common mistakes, people tend to make is relate the length of the line to one’s life expectancy. If one wants to learn how to read palms, identifying the life line is essential.

  • A curvy life line indicates a person full of energy. 
  • An overlapping life line with the head line and close to the thumb implies a person lacking adequate energy.
  • A deep and long line implies a strong individual.
  • If the line forms a semi-circle-shaped formation, it indicates an enthusiastic individual.
  • A short line indicates an individual who can be manipulated effortlessly.
  • More than one lines suggest an over-excited and strong person.
  • A small circle in the line indicates the possibility of an accident.
  • Abrupt discontinuities in the line represent abrupt lifestyle changes.

Examination of Fate Lines

This line starts from the base of the palm. It is also known as the line of destiny.

  • A deep line indicates an individual strongly controlled by fate.
  • Discontinuities in the line indicate numerous changes in life from external factors.