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Despite the evolving nature of The Elder Scrolls Online, many fans feel that Skyrim has higher replay value. That’s what makes it better than ESO.

Even though The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released 10 years ago, the game still holds a significant place in the eyes of fans of the series. After the larger, more ambitious game was released, a lot of people found themselves back in Skyrim. Obviously, Skyrim’s longevity is surprising, even when compared to its larger successor, The Elder Scrolls Online. But why is this the case?

The Elder Scrolls Online has more locations in Tamriel than any other game in the series. Since it was first released, it has also received extensive expansions that allow players to explore new quest lines and areas. This is a huge advantage over any of the Skyrim territories, and the connected, ever-evolving nature of ESO should give players plenty of reasons to return regularly.

However, some fans have found that ESO is less repeatable than Skyrim, a single player game that has seen only a handful of updates since its release in 2011. For many, it’s not the number of quest lines or locations that make Skyrim irrelevant. It’s the things that make it so different from ESO.

Why Skyrim will still exist in 2021, despite The Elder Scrolls Online

Skyrim’s single-player gameplay actually makes it more evergreen than a real-time service game like ESO. The great fun of MMOs comes from interacting with other players. Fans interested in Tamriel solo may find that it is difficult to play ESO without being interrupted or feeling like they are missing out on the full experience. This also makes ESO dependent on the health of its player base; if the number of players drops significantly or developer support is withdrawn, the ESO experience will be diminished or shortened. Regardless of external factors, the world of Skyrim can still be captivating.

In addition to the base game itself, however, Skyrim’s modding community is central to the game’s replayability. The relative ease of modding Skyrim, coupled with Bethesda’s official mod support, makes it easy to customize the game, and Skyrim modders are known to be productive and creative. Thanks to their work, players can play the entire game with slight cosmetic changes or new weapons, including a complete overhaul of locations, textures, or quest lines. The updates that keep Elder Scrolls Online feeling fresh may come to an end, but as long as the still-active modding community doesn’t die out, Skyrim will never actually be the same twice.

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