A vehicle is all about giving a smooth and comfortable ride to the driver and its passengers throughout the journey. However, this comfort is sometimes compromised due to the inefficiency of some parts of the vehicle. When you are travelling through a warm and humid area, the comfort and the need for an air conditioner is such a satisfaction. It not only soothes the mind and body but also enhances the pleasure of driving. 

This feature is available in vehicles of all kinds, from small to big, basic to luxury. However, have you ever faced a situation when the air conditioner of your car is not working? Here are all the different kinds of air conditioner failures that you can face, along with the reasons why it is not blowing out cold air in the cabin. 

Poor Flow of Air 

Instead of increasing the dial or button of the air conditioner, if you find that your air conditioner is blowing out hot air or in reduced quantity, it is a clear sign that you need Car Service Tipton. Certain damages or issues might not give super evident signs. However, overlooking the minor ones can cause you more damage later. Hence, when you notice that the flow of air from your air conditioner is poor, you must visit a garage to get it fixed. The reason for such poor flow of air can be due to a broken compressor, condenser, or evaporator. There can be other aspects as well that might be damaged due to which the airflow has been altered. 

Strange Noise When the air conditioner is On

A strange noise is another potential sign that there are faults in the functioning of your air conditioner. It is again possible due to damages to the compressor. It mostly occurs when any of the interior parts of the compressor breaks, resulting in strange noises from the air conditioner of your vehicle. 

Foul Odour In the Car 

It is one of the most common signs given by the vehicle that there are issues in the air conditioner system. When you enter the cabin and get a foul smell, you must take the cue that the evaporator is damaged and needs repairing. It is necessary to repair as such foul smell can also cause health problems and allergic reactions to people. Hence, ensure to visit a garage to rectify the Air Conditioning Tipton at the earliest. 

Presence of Water in The Cabin 

When the air conditioner of your vehicle is working, you will find tiny droplets of water outside the car. It is a sign of a healthy working system of the air conditioner. However, if you see these droplets inside the vehicle, you must know that it is an indication that the car needs to repair the air conditioner. The evaporator and the condenser must drain out the water and avoid any clogging in the cabin. This cause can turn into bigger troubles if ignored. Hence, visiting a garage at the earliest is the best choice. 

Fluctuation Between Hot and Cold Air 

One of the most common complaints that most vehicle owners have is the fluctuation between cold and hot air blowing from the air conditioner. It is a situation when you switch on the air conditioner and it blows out cold air but after a few minutes, it begins to blow hot air. The issue is possibly due to the clogged expansion valve that does not let the refrigerant reach the evaporator. Hence, you must let the expert inspect the cause and provide necessary repairs. It can also be due to a damaged compressor. 

Burning Smell in the Cabin 

When you turn on the air conditioner of your vehicle and smell a sharp burning odour, it is a sign there is something really wrong with the functioning of the air conditioner. The most common reasons can be overheating of the wires or burnt wiring. When this is the situation, the entire wiring needs to be replaced. Hence, when you smell a burning odour from the air conditioner of your vehicle, get the repairs done at the earliest to avoid any possible risks and damages.