Car Tyres UK

The tyres in your car are probably one of the best things that have ever been invented to make your vehicle worthy. Although it is not given enough attention that it deserves, the tyres continue to perform their task of providing you with a safe and comforting ride. Tyres were just a type of rubber moulded and shielded over the iron wheels of the vehicle. With the passing time, the functions enhanced, and so as its demand in the market.

These tyres are based on the demands of the roads in different seasons. One bonus kind of tyre that you may get in the market is the budget tyres. These are the tyres that will save you from crappy situations even if you are running out of money. Why not go through all these kinds of tyres in detail and understand their work in detail?


Summer tyres

These tyres are the ones that are manufactured to work better by tackling the heat of the road in summers. These tyres have thick rubber properties that do not melt away quickly.

Winter Tyres-

As you may have already understood through the name, these Tyres Burniston have thin rubber properties that do not let the tyre shrink in cold temperatures. These tyres keep up with their flexibility while running on cold streets or ice.

All-season Tyres-

The tyres are designed to go in every season. These are budget-friendly tyres. Seasonal tyres that are made for a particular season deliver better performance in comparison to an all-season tyre.


Your vehicle plays a significant role in determining the type of tyres it has to be installed. Let’s have a look at the types of tyres available in the market based on their type.

Passenger Tyres-

These types of tyres are made for the vehicle that is used to carry people from one place to another. These Tyres Filey are not very heavy as they do not need to carry heavyweight for their work. Commercial tyres can be used instead of passengers tyres sometimes.

Commercial Tyres-

These tyres are made for the vehicle to carry heavyweight from one place to another. The commercial tyres have more strength in comparison to passengers. It is the reason why passenger tyres cannot be used instead of commercial tyres.

All-terrain Tyres-

These are the tyres that are made for the use of the vehicles that run on both off-road as well as tarmac roads. These are known to offer better car- controlling on different surfaces. All-terrain tyres are usually made for vehicles like trucks and SUVs as they generally travel a long way. These tyres have customised treads and chunky lugs, which are tighter in comparison to the tyres that are made for off-road purposes. It is more expensive than the regular standard tyres because of its work.

Mud Tyres-

As per the name, these tyres are manufactured for better control of your vehicle while running in a muddy area. You can drive on the road with the mud tyres installed in your car. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for you. They may be a bit noisy, heavy and uncomfortable to run on the well-levelled roads as the mud tyres offer rough rides.

Now you are aware of the different varieties of tyres offered in the market to make your job easy, choose wisely!