Digital Marketing

The online landscape is so overflowing with information about digital marketing that businesses often cannot decide which information to believe and which one to leave out. Not to speak of the trouble they face in curating suitable marketing plans for their products or services due to such confusion.

Of course, the domain is as vast as an ocean comprising multifarious activities and strategies in its fold, but don’t forget, you have to ride its wave to survive and thrive in this highly competitive digital era. After all, it is not without a reason that the global ad spend is expected to reach a whopping $389 billion by the end of 2021 (

So, you better not trust every rookie marketer that comes your way or should not believe everything you see online. Not everyone out there is a certified or professional marketer well-versed with the nitty-gritty of online marketing aka digital marketing.

Hence, as your reliable marketing guru, we are here to clear the air and bust the myths surrounding digital marketing. Let us get started then!

Email marketing does not work 

Says who? In 2021, email marketing is still going strong, and how! According to a report by McKinsey & Company, email marketing is 40 times more impactful than social media in terms of building customer engagement and loyalty. Offering a return of $44 for every $1 spent, it is also one of the best ROI generating tactics out there in the realm of online marketing (

Moreover, with plenty of email marketing tools on the internet, it gets quite easy to manage your list of subscribers, segmenting them into target groups, and creating personalised messages for the newsletters. Top brands like Starbucks, Spotify, Uber are totally acing this game with tailored and thoughtful messages for their customers. So, why should you be left behind?

If you want to discover more facts and benefits of email marketing, you may want to consult with professional marketers and prepare an action plan for your business. With intuitive designs and personalised contents, you will watch how email marketing can take your business to the next level!

SEO is just about keywords

Trust us when we say there is more to SEO than just keywords. Targeting niche-related keyword phrases helps to improve your search engine ranking, but determinants like quality content, site security, mobile responsiveness, authoritative backlinks, technical SEO, and user experience have emerged as more important ranking factors today.

Ever since the release of RankBrain, the ML-powered search algorithm by Google, incompetent practices like keyword stuffing and keyword cannibalisation have gone for a toss. Google’s commitment to delivering the ultimate user experience did ring a bell for most marketers who revamped their SEO strategies and adopted the best practices to satisfy the factors we mentioned previously.

If you want to win the SEO game, build your site and plan your strategy with users in mind. Only then will search engines put you at the top of their search results. Our word of advice is you should engage digital marketing services and let professionals devise a dynamic SEO plan for your business.

Content marketing is not so important 

Don’t let the novices fool you! Content marketing is sure important, now more than ever. As per a survey conducted by SEMrush, over 84% of businesses have got a content strategy in place. No matter which business you are in, content can help you deliver values to the audience, drive better traction from third-party channels like social media, and improve the chances of conversions.

Whether you are investing in SEO, PPC, or social media, content is the backbone of your marketing efforts across platforms. Yes, while you may continue writing & promoting blogs and articles, we suggest you create short and engaging contents like videos and infographics that are more likely to be shared among the audience and generate quality leads for your business.

Having said so, let us also remind you that content quality is more important that its quantity. Generating endless amounts of content will help you neither rank on search engines nor impress the audience if their quality is subpar. So, instead of churning out content just for the sake of it, you should take into account factors like posting consistency and frequency to create the right impact with top-quality content.

Too many social channels to manage 

True that too many social media channels are difficult to manage, but who says you have to be on all of them? Once you know where your target audience is, things get easy from then on. For example, if you want to target youngsters, you can leverage platforms like YouTube and Instagram because the age group active on these platforms is mostly between 15-28 ( 

Hence, you should focus and start building your presence on the channels that will work the best for you right now. You can always spread out on other platforms, but that can happen later. Similarly, when you want to reach out to millennials or working professionals, make sure to create your presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.  

We understand planning a social media strategy is not as easy it seems from the outset. Right from gathering data and identifying goals to setting up profiles and posting content – all of it can be a bit too confusing for a non-professional to handle. So, if you feel the need, you can contact professionals, say from a top digital marketing agency in India for expert assistance. 

Mobile consumers do not convert

Well, that’s not entirely true because it majorly varies from one industry vertical to another. Here’s an example to clear your idea. While the desktop conversion rate for the grocery vertical stood at 8.96%, its conversion rate on mobile devices was 2.24% in 2019 ( On the other hand, the mobile conversions for fashion retailers amounted to 52% in the same year. Nevertheless, no matter which industry, having a mobile user-focussed strategy is a must.

Why so? As the number of mobile users is predicted to touch 7.41 billion by 2024, you must tap into this growing user base by doing the needful. Businesses that own mobile responsive websites with user-friendly navigation, high loading speed, optimised content, and streamlined checkout process can stay ahead of the race. On top of that, you can consider investing in a mobile app as it plays a critical role in boosting the conversion rate from mobile devices.

Easy to install on smartphones, apps act as a constant brand reminder, offer personalised features, facilitate in-app messaging, allow social media sharing, and have lots more in store for the users. As you can understand, all of these can certainly help improve your brand image and the prospect of conversions.

Paid ads are way too expensive 

One of the ancient myths surrounding this digital marketing activity! Firstly, you should know how to use this tactic the right way such it yields results. Secondly, you need to understand that PPC is completely scalable and you can set your budget without draining your bank. Since this is a little tricky area, we don’t ask you to go through it all alone. When a PPC pro handles your ad accounts, things fall in their places eventually.

Once you have selected the monthly budget, the marketer can adjust daily budget and bids for your campaign within the budgetary limit. Now, when your business scales, you can increase the budget and improve your chances of earning more revenues. So, based on previous campaign performances, you can always plan how to invest or proceed with your PPC strategy.

Now imagine if it drives enough leads and conversions for your business, do you really have to worry about PPC being expensive? Apart from setting your monthly budget sensibly, dig into some PPC hacks to get maximum return on your investment. The strategic planning and proven techniques can surely soar your PPC performance.

Digital marketing is for large enterprises 

Has Netflix’s personalised marketing got you unnerved? Think nobody can do influencer marketing better than Airbnb? You can only move forward when you take inspiration and not get intimidated by the big brands and their digital marketing strategies. If you think digital marketing is not suitable for your start-up, let us tell you that email marketing (a digital marketing activity) is popular among small and medium businesses for generating the highest ROI for them.
How does it matter if your competitors are not online yet? Leverage online marketing and stay ahead of the competition already! You can be on social media, optimise for local SEO, run paid ads, and also pitch your brand products & services to the influencers. Opportunities are endless, you see. Unless you try it, you won’t know how digital marketing will work for you. In fact, if you are looking for sustained results at a cost-effective price plan, you may engage SEO services. Ready to talk to an expert right away then?