DME Prior Authorization

Even before the emergence of the recent pandemic crisis, the process of prior authorization was always a complicated affair with numerous challenges and burden for many physicians, staffs, as well as patients. in fact, a recent survey from the American Medical Association (AMA), evaluated the challenges and roadblocks of prior authorization which states that a strong majority of about (83% and 83% respectively) of physicians report that the number of PAs required for prescription medications and medical services have increased over the last five years. While a majority of about(68% and 58%, respectively) of physicians report that it is difficult to determine whether prescription medication or medical service requires the Prior Authorization or not. Physicians and patients even after the three years of the alliance of industry groups led by AMA released which is a consensus statement agreeing on necessary authorization reforms to ease burdens, still experience the burden of the authorization process. From rising costs and uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to conflicts with authorization requirement and systems integration, the process of DME prior authorization has always been a complicated affair which requires expert authorization expert.

Thus, today most of the healthcare practices in order to streamline their workflow and achieve financial and operational objectives are looking for opting for the outsourcing of their DME prior authorization method.

The Sunknowledge advantage: 

Ensuring evert data, the information needed for the DME prior authorization process accordingly, Sunknowledge services Inc a decade old RCM company offers a complete authorization solution at $7 per hour or 2% of all the collections. With complete up to date with the present authorization rules and regulation, partnering with us ensures 100 percent authorization submission on the same day with an approval authorization request rate of 99 percent. Increasing by 1.5-2x authorization rate, our experts further take care of all of your pending prior authorization. Tracking the authorization and closing all the authorization gaps efficiently, our expert further eliminating the operational cost by 80%. assisting in the complete authorization initiation, approval as well as follow-up proficiently.

In fact, we today are one of the RCM with excellent references across the US with a track record of the highest productivity metrics. Sunknowledge Services Inc today being part of the operational extension handling major authorization process of leading names in the industry is a way for your practice to give you more opportunities for improvement.