Do you ever need to take a break from eyelash extensions?

Taking a break from eyelash extensions: is it really necessary?
So you love your lash extensions (if you did not, you would not read!). They make your face look so fresh and awake and it’s so easy to get ready in the morning … why stop?

Customers sometimes ask us when to take a break for the sake of their lash health. Your biggest concern is that lash extensions will strain your natural lashes or cause them to fall out faster than they should. The answer? Properly applied eyelash extensions use grandelash can be worn indefinitely; As long as the lash extension used is the correct length, weight and thickness for your natural lashes, there is absolutely no reason for them to be damaged. Personally, I have had lashes for over ten years with no problems and I have had a four week break all that time and it was just for a long vacation!

Remember that your natural lashes cycle exactly like your hair; There are small new lashes that are constantly growing, and older lashes that fall out when it’s time to go. On your fill-in agreement, your lash technician will be looking for new lashes that are strong enough to hold an extension, and voila! She has regained full lash capacity and looks fabulous.

At Lady Lash, the health of your natural lashes is our first priority. If we think the extension style you are looking for will hurt the beautiful natural lashes, we can evaluate them and suggest simple ways to create a similar style without the weight. We always monitor the health of your lashes during your time with us, and if changes occur, we will tell you. Of course, sometimes you feel like you need a break from extensions, and that’s okay! Like Ross and Rachel, you sometimes have to take a break. Here are our rules of thumb for how to recognize (and handle!) A broken eyelash.

Remove them in a way that works for you.
You have two options with a break: to let your lashes fall gradually over time or go to the salon to have them removed professionally. It takes about five to six weeks before a typical set of lashes falls out completely, and even then you may find some very determined backs. If this is easier, we’ll say go ahead! For those who suddenly want to travel, the best thing is a feature in the living room. It’s a super simple process – a technician applies a removal serum to your lashes and slides into the extensions. For the sake of your natural lashes, we do not recommend removal at home, as you can never be sure how successful / harmless they will be. Our removal products are professional quick work products, and none of us here will try to remove our own – you (literally) need a different set of eyes for this task!

Ask your stylist.
Your regular technician is your guru when it comes to lash breakdown. Using their specialized knowledge, a stylist can give you quality advice on how to get your lashes back to the best they can be. Many of our stylists have had return lashes regularly for almost 10 years (as long as we are open!) And they can track their lashes from their very first visit. With proper and safe use (and occasional breaks at the right time if you need them), lash life can really be a long-term thing.

Try a serum.
Lash serum is a smart way to revive your lash game; These specially formulated solutions are designed to make your natural lashes longer and stronger. Most of the good lash serums contain conditioning and stimulating ingredients that can enhance your lashes when used regularly. These products usually show results after a few weeks, so combining a serum with a break is like a spa holiday for your lashes. Our favorite is Lash Game Lash Safe Growth Serum. We have tested it with amazing results!

be patient
If you’ve gotten yourself some ultra strong lashes somewhere (someone for $ 30 volume express ?!) have hit and it’s going to take longer to recover. If this has happened to you, we definitely recommend a break, especially if there are obvious gaps in the lash line. Or if your own lashes are fine but a little uneven, consider using a very light / au-natural application while they recover enough.