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Which is the best School for my child?

This is a question parents ask themselves and on the internet all the time in today’s world. Well truthfully, over the years, Education has become inclusive of almost all things that surround us. Each situation requires a different approach. What school does is equip your child with the necessary ammunition to conquer life.The best school for your child, I say would depend on a number of things. These parameters as such differ from individual to individual. Let us look at some of the factors one can take into consideration when looking for a school. Below are mentioned 3 out of the many.

  1. Is the school at a distance?

Sometimes schools may cater to one criteria and not to the other. For example, the institution may have a good campus , but may be too far away. There are two types of parents in this situation. Parents who:

  1. Let the child travel to a different country or city (International schools) in order to complete their schooling
  2. Won’t allow their child to go to a school in another district.

This is a subjective question and depends on how safe guardians feel having their children away from them. Sometimes even the security the schooling institution provides is not enough.

2. The board of education (curriculum) ?

With the rapid growth of global education, parents are given  the option to choose from a plethora of curriculums. It can often be tough to select the  best suited board of education for your child. The board one selects would depend on how well they see their child fit into the curriculum. It would depend on what kind of education the child is looking at undergoing depending on their age. It could also be decided based on higher schooling, college and occupation parents are looking for their children to grow into.

3. Faculty at the school.

Considering the fact that your child will be in the hand of an external individual does raise a lot of questions in terms of whether the child will be looked over in a proper fashion. Most parents when selecting schools feel safer when the teachers seem to be caring and understanding and are able to handle the children just as the parents are able to. When deciding on a school guardians should definitely meet the principal and if possible take a tour of the institution.

International Schools 

Now when it comes to progress, International schools have become a big hit because of the success rates they have. International schools nowadays are providing children with a holistic and wholesome education. The new approach they are taking to teaching and the modern methods they are using to do so are allowing students to truly adapt to our ever changing world. These schools assure success.

Out of the many cities globally available to select from , it has become very clear over the years that a lot of parents prefer to send their children to Dubai . For Indian parents this is true as we see a number of Indian households in this UAE based City. Dubai’s International Schools are actually hubs to over 100 Nationalities. They have International schools of African, German and French descent as well. These schools foster nationals and Expats alike offering each one an equal shot at success. Out of these International Schools , I would like to give you a sneak peak at 3 such Institutions in Dubai that have an edge and are providing the best quality of education in today’s age.


This institution situated in Maliha- Dubai , aims at offering its students a comprehensive and nurtured education that will allow students to develop their capacity of critical thinking. This school does not only provide its students with an excellent education but also put emphasis on being strong moralistic individuals who are contributing members of society.


This Institution operates under the CBSE curriculum and is Situated in Dubai (Zayed Shaikh Road). The school likes to put an equal amount of importance on academics as well as their extracurricular activities in terms of sports. Some of the after school coaching programmes they offer are the best in the city. Most importantly, I think the concept of self- respect, love for others and a responsibility towards the world we live in, makes this facility  a top school in Dubai.


Now, when looking at school admission in Dubai , an Institution that comes highly recommended by many is that of GIIS. A group of International schools, this organization has opened branches globally . The institutes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi itself have gathered over 15 awards collectively for excellence in teaching. They believe happiness is the true motivator for students to learn. They believe in not only teaching students academically but building their overall personality and individual characteristics.