Find & Delete Clone Photos On Mac

If your Mac starts to run slow, the very first thing you should do is to check your storage space. Generally, it is advised to keep at least 10% of your total space free on Mac, to ensure smooth working. Over time, your computer gets packed with unnecessary duplicate photographs that eat up tons of system resources and valuable storage space. Hence, finding and removing duplicate images should be a good place to start with.

Well, identifying and deleting dupes on your Mac can take up a significant amount of time, especially when you are trying to do that manually. But the annoying problem can be easily resolved by using a professional duplicate photo finder for Mac (2021) – Duplicate Photos Fixer!

Duplicate Photos Fixer by Systweak Software is a reliable & robust duplicate photo remover for Mac designed to keep your computer free from exact and similar-looking images. The application has a fast scanning engine that instantly compares large photo collections (regardless of the image size or format) and helps you to get rid of them to recover space.

PRICE: $19.99
COMPATIBILITY: Requires macOS 10.7 or later.
LANGUAGES SUPPORTED: English, French, German, Japanese
RATING: 4 Stars

How To Find & Remove Duplicate & Visually Similar Photos On Mac?

If you want to locate and eliminate duplicate pics on your Mac, here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1 = Download & install Duplicate Photos Fixer on your Mac.

STEP 2 = From the main dashboard, click on Add Folders button or simply drag & drop the folders on the scanning area.

STEP 3 = You can also add the entire Photos Library to scan for identical snaps. Once the folders, containing duplicate images are added, click the Scan for Duplicates button.

STEP 4 = As soon as the scanning process gets completed, a list of all the identical and similar-looking images will appear on the screen. Quickly preview them and hit the Auto-Mark button to select all the detected dupes that need to be removed.

STEP 5 = Once you’ve marked the clone images, click on the Trash Marked button to remove duplicate photos from Photos Library & other storage space on Mac.

That’s it! By just applying these simple steps with the help of a professional duplicate photo finder for Mac you can easily reclaim unnecessary occupied space.

How To Detect And Delete Visually-Similar Pictures On Mac?

Additionally, you can set certain parameters to detect similar-looking images as well. To get accurate results, you need to set the Matching Level on Duplicate Photos Fixer.

  • Low Matching Level = Using this parameter, you can identify snaps with vast modifications. You can adjust the slider according to your preferences!
  • Middle Matching Level = Using this parameter, you can identify snaps with less degree of similarity. Refer to the screenshot below to get a better idea.
  • High Matching Level = Using this parameter, you can identify snaps that have a reduced level of similarity. Check out the screenshot below to view the similarity level between two images when the slider is moved to the extreme right!

As soon as you’ve set the parameters, you can start scanning your folders containing duplicate images and as soon as the result appears > preview & select the doppelgangers you wish to eliminate from your Mac > hit the Trash Marked icon to complete the process on this duplicate photo remover for Mac!

Manual Ways To Find & Remove Duplicate Photographs On Mac

If you don’t wish to use a dedicated photo duplicate cleaner on your Mac, there are certain manual ways you can apply to reclaim unnecessary occupied storage space.

METHOD 1 – In the Photos App

Photos App gives users the opportunity to narrow down the search of duplicate images using Smart Albums. You can effortlessly set the criteria (based on camera model, lens type, filename & so on) to detect which photo has been duplicated.

STEP 1 = Launch the Photos App on your Mac and navigate to the File tab & select New Smart Album option.

STEP 2 = Now simply set the condition for matching photographs and give it an appropriate name.

STEP 3 = Now select the photographs you want to remove and simply right-click to choose option Delete.

STEP 4 = As soon as you do that, a window will appear asking you to confirm the process!

From the sidebar, you can hit the Recently Deleted button and click on the Delete All button from the top-right corner of the screen!

METHOD 2 – Using Finder

Well, using the Finder app and Smart Folders functionality, you don’t have to scour almost every folder on your device to locate duplicate images. Simply set up Smart Folders and get rid of unnecessary clone files, no matter in what specific folder they’re in. It’s an effective way to get rid of dupes, if you don’t want to use a third-party duplicate photo finder for Mac.

STEP 1 = Launch Finder and navigate to the File tab and choose option New Smart Folder.

STEP 2 = Simply select This Mac option and hit the (+) icon, located at the top-right corner of the screen.

STEP 3 = At this step, you need to change the first drop-down menu to Kind and second one to Image. Now, simply sort the files by Name and start selecting the clone snaps you wisht to remove from your Mac.

STEP 4 = After you’ve marked, control-click on the duplicate photographs and choose the option Move to Trash!

At the end, don’t forget to Empty your Trash on Mac to ensure no unwanted residues or temp files are accumulated and taking up space!


To be honest, using a reliable duplicate photo remover for Mac like Duplicate Photos Fixer (DPF) is a suitable option to find and remove exact and similar-looking images on your Mac. You just need to press a few clicks to clean the storage area and you’ll be surprised to see the amount of space that has been recovered by using a professional tool to delete duplicate photos on Mac. Besides, DPF you can try hands on Gemini 2, PhotosSweeper X or Cisdem Duplicate Finder!

If you know any other best program to clean identical images on Mac, do share the recommendation in the comments section below!

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